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30th - 31st, March 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Essential communication and conflict resolution skills to effectively and proactively manage performance


- Apply performance management practices that reflect best practice government performance management models
- Tackle underperformance with the right language, reframing and consistency
- Understand value drivers for each team member, and tailor your conversations
- How to effectively plan and monitor work processes, and set performance indicators


Dr Karen Whittingham

Karen is one of Australia’s leading executive management development specialists who has worked with thousands of executives to transition them into senior leadership roles quickly and effectively. She is an Organisational Psychologist passionate about people’s success and facilitating their careers to rise. She teaches Organisational psychology at UNSW and works with ASX listed companies and large public sector organisations to drive engagement, inclusion and performance.

Impact Psychology Pty Ltd


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Public Sector Leadership: Managing Performance & Difficult Conversations

30 Mar - 31 Mar


Key responsibilities as a manager and people leader

- Explore the importance (and challenges) of managing performance in a public sector context

- Agility, risk aversion and organisational expectation in the public sector

- Understanding and contextualising employee engagement, and your role as a manager


Understanding the risk of employee disengagement (and what it looks like)

- Engaging with risk and managing the consequences

- Explore what disengagement looks like in your department or team

- Appropriate conduct for risk assessment and risk management activities


How to effectively engage with your team 

- Clarify performance objectives, outcomes, behaviours and values, and formulate links with broader business plans

- Navigate the initial challenges of difficult conversations

- Explore coaching strategies to build capability in a team environment


Providing proactive and effective performance feedback

- Understand the conversation around the conversation

- Ensure performance conversations flow both ways

- Learn to listen effectively, and become open to 180ᐤ feedback

  • Dr Karen Whittingham Director Impact Psychology Pty Ltd


Preparing for tough conversations

- Learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable

- Effective communication strategies

- How to build rapport and why it is important


Tailor your communication style to need and situation

- Who are you talking to? Identify your key stakeholders

- Learn to adjust your style on the fly and deliver the correct message 

- Ask the right questions to get better results - When to act, and when to listen


Essential conflict resolution skills

- Strengthen your ability to become an active listener

- Manage emotional hot buttons for positive and assertive communication

- Manage clashes and learn to effectively “code switch” to keep on message


Pre-empting performance management conversations

- Spotting red flags before they become a problem

- Integrate performance conversations in your day-to-day

- Embedding purpose in performance management

  • Dr Karen Whittingham Director Impact Psychology Pty Ltd



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