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14th - 15th, September 2022
Hobart, AU

Maximise key leadership capabilities


- Understand the shift from micro to macro leadership
- Learn early identification and problem-solving techniques
- Build self-awareness to increase your impact as a leader
- Develop skills to build team, division and agency collaboration


Michelle Swallow

Michelle is a highly experienced director, facilitator, coach and change manager, and is currently Director of Leadership and Change Consultants Pty Ltd. She has built her consulting work on her ability to work with a diverse group of people, concepts, communities and organisations. Michelle’s background is in leadership, governance, advocacy and policy across health, VET, housing, community and capacity building in the community, government and private sectors. She is influenced by a strong commitment to working with businesses and individuals to realise their potential and to make a difference.

Leadership & Change Consultants


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Public Sector Leadership Level 2: Critical Skills for Experienced Leaders

14 Sep - 15 Sep


Deep dive into your personal leadership values 

- Understand your strengths and values leader

- Unpack common senior leadership challenges 

- Define your personal leadership brand


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 

- Optimise personal strengths to enhance emotional competence 

- Utilise heightened EQ in leading high performance teams

- Adapt your leadership style to effectively lead and manage different personalities


Leading a high performance culture 

- Making sense of complexity

- Understand the drivers of team culture

- Identify opportunities to shift organisational culture in your team/branch/workplace


Stepping up your personal leadership communications 

- Explore leadership styles and their effect on organisational and team culture

- Understand your personal communications preferences

- Develop your leadership conversation skills to support team development and leverage collective intelligence

  • Michelle Swallow Director Leadership & Change Consultants


Adaptive leadership approaches to strategic challenges 

- Shift from micro to macro leadership

- Leading change in uncertainty and complexity

- Develop personal strategies for breaking through current leadership challenges 


Complex stakeholder management and engagement

- Identify current stakeholder challenges

- Collaborate with peers to develop strategies for internal and external stakeholders

- Recognise links between interconnected issues, identify problems and work ways to resolve them


Manage team dynamics in complex environments

- Role of conflict in achieving high performance 

- Engage and manage sensitive issues under pressure 

- Co-create high performance - Establish a culture of peak performance


Personal action plan – review key learning points

- Plan actions that will lead to success 

- Identify future leadership priorities

- Commit to personal accountability to your actions

  • Michelle Swallow Director Leadership & Change Consultants



Hobart, AU

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