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17th - 18th, August 2022
Virtual / Streaming

Maximise key leadership capabilities


- Understand the shift from micro to macro leadership
- Learn early identification and problem-solving techniques
- Build self-awareness to increase your impact as a leader
- Develop skills to build team, division and agency collaboration


Natalie Lincolne

Natalie has over 20 years’ experience and a wide range of skills and experience in driving improved organisational performance. Her passion is to partner with leaders who want to improve employee engagement, performance and productivity so that great talent is motivated and retained. Natalie has been working and consulting in the public sector (WA state, local and federal) since 2008, having transitioned from corporate senior management roles (NAB, Ansett). Natalie also works as a leadership coach and strategic facilitator in her own business and undertakes pro bono work in several not-for-profit organisations. 

Strategic Performance Consultant
Incredible People


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Public Sector Leadership Level 2: Critical Skills for Experienced Leaders

17 Aug - 18 Aug


Deep dive into your personal leadership values 

- Advocate your value as a leader 

- Unpack common senior leadership challenges 

- Master your mindset and turn off your limiting beliefs 


Practical exercise - Leadership capabilities self-assessment 

- Capabilities and attributes of an effective senior leader 

- Establish the importance of balancing capabilities over your career 

- Shape your brand for strategic leadership direction 


Great leaders never stop learning - Evolve into the strategic decision-maker

- Explore leadership qualities for a continual learning mindset 

- How to find your blind spots as a leader 

- Setting up learning systems for you and your team 


Cultivate personal and team self-awareness 

- The attributes and beliefs of a high-performing team 

- Foster a culture of accountability and achievement 

- Build feedback loops into business as usual

  • Natalie Lincolne Strategic Performance Consultant Incredible People


Communicate with clarity - Become an ambassador for leading change 

- Establish the importance of sharing your vision for future culture change 

- Set and lead strategic directions across your organisation

- Techniques to encourage positive and robust workplace conversations 


Master the art of coaching for leadership success 

- Embrace the benefits of your role of ‘leader and coach’

- Co-create high performance and establish a culture of peak performance 

- Adapt leadership strategies for coaching different levels 

Foster productive (and managing toxic) conflict 

- Why conflict is an essential part of high performance 

- The ‘ground rules’ of productive conflict 

- Recognise links between interconnected issues, identify problems and work ways to resolve them  


Influencing up and out - Stakeholder management 

- Authoritatively represent and influence on behalf of your agency

- Collaborate effectively between state and federal governments

- Engage and manage stakeholder expectations during change

Practical exercise - Review self-assessment and key learning points

- Identify the next steps to your leadership development 

  • Natalie Lincolne Strategic Performance Consultant Incredible People



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