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15th - 16th, November 2021
Adelaide, AU

Essential leadership capabilities to step up and advance your career


- Identify & develop your capabilities as a confident & successful leader in SA Government
- Maximise skills to become an authentic leader & communicator
- Cultivate productive relationships to lead proficient, capable teams
- Career planning & pathways in SA Government roles


Kym Viant

Kym is an exceptional leader in all aspects of learning and development. He is passionate about helping leaders, managers and young professionals recognise and overcome obstacles in the way of them realising their full potential. Kym is an exceptional facilitator, with accreditations in Emotional & Social Competency Inventory, LSI/GSI, DiSC and Level 2 Organisational Coaching. Kym provided 24 years of outstanding service with the Royal Australian Navy, which included active service in hostile environments and key strategic roles that delivered mission-critical communications, recruitment, training and development, mentoring, engagement and change management.

Leadership Facilitator & Coach
Quench Group


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Public Sector Leadership Level 1: Emerging Leaders & Managers Toolkit

15 Nov - 16 Nov


The capabilities, attributes and skills of an effective leader

- Delve into the differences between technical management and people leadership

- Explore adaptive leadership techniques to engage your team 

- Identify your core values and goals as a leader


The importance of self-awareness - Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 

- Understand the link between self-awareness and leadership success

- Explore your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader

- Embrace qualities of empathy to become a compelling and inspiring leader


How to deal with complex issues - making the ‘right’ decision

- Identify and monitor changes that impact your work environment

- Cultivate assertiveness and know when to say no 

- Handling difficult conversations - ‘red flags’ to avoid 


Master the art of coaching for leadership success 

- Embrace the benefits of your role of ‘leader and coach’

- Co-create high performance and establish a culture of peak performance 

- Adapt leadership strategies for coaching different levels

  • Kym Viant Leadership Facilitator & Coach Quench Group


Manage work through others - the importance of delegation in team development 

- Empower collaborative decision making in your team

- Develop resilience to maximise personal and team focus 

- How to set achievable, manageable and measurable goals


Deliver effective change initiatives and projects on time 

- Effective and practical decision-making in your projects

- Draw on your experience, knowledge and judgement to make the most effective decisions

- Empower your team to embrace change initiatives  


Stakeholder engagement and management 

- Identify and gain access to influencers 

- Learn to trust your initiative and judgement

- Maintain strong internal and external networks


The next steps - build your action plan

- Embrace resilience and flexibility as key leadership skills

- Identify and build habits to get results

- Plan and commit to actions in your leadership development

  • Kym Viant Leadership Facilitator & Coach Quench Group



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Level 1, 80 King William Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia

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