Public Sector Finance & Accounting Leadership Summit

Excel as a leader, strengthen your professional relationships and position finance as a valued partner within the business

  • May 7th - 10th, 2019
  • Boat House by the Lake, Canberra


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- Key leadership skills for finance professionals
- Transition from ledger to leader
- Strategic tools for budgeting, forecasting and planning
- Advance as a strategic business partner


Robert Hanlon

Robert Hanlon is the Chief Finance Officer at the Department of Environment and Energy. Prior to this, Robert was the National Manager of Debt Management at the Department of Human Services. Robert has both private and public sector experience across a range of industries. Robert joined the Australian Public Service in 2007 and has held executive level positions at the Australian Financial Security Authority, Medicare Australia, Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Agriculture.

Chief Financial Officer
Department of the Environment and Energy

  • Lisa Harris
    Assistant Secretary Financial Compliance
    Department of Defence
  • Lawrence Hosking
    Director Financial Reporting and Grants Policy
    Attorney-General's Department
  • Pranay Lodhiya
    Chief Financial Officer
    Australian Bureau of Meteorology
  • Damien Adler
    Assistant Secretary, Budget Analysis Branch
    Department of Finance


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Download the brochure
Strengthen your capabilities
Earn credit as an authentic leader
Evolve from a technical expert into a confident leader
Effectively communicate the complexities of public funding
Drive change as a strategic business partner
Enhance decision making and financial forecasting
Take the next step in your career
Key issues for executive finance professionals
Lead with transparency in public finance
Accounting assurance and managing large projects
Analysing the bigger picture as a finance professional
Ensure realistic budgeting processes and manage expectations
Build your value as a leader
The importance of accountability
Invest in your success
Finding the balance between technical expertise and leadership roles
Pre-Summit Workshop -


As you seek to become a better and effective leader, you must build confidence in your capabilities. This workshop will improve your leadership and communication skills. It is the perfect opportunity to develop the structures, delivery skills and state of mind required for expert communication to maximise your influence and impact as a leader.

Develop an authentic leadership style and brand 

- Lead with purpose and influence

- Exude executive presence

- Project your leadership style and voice 

Strategic communication and relationship management

- Build rapport and prioritise key relationships 

- Strengthen interpersonal communication to influence those around you

- Anticipate different leadership styles and navigate different personalities 

Effective career planning and career challenges

- Define the steps to successfully transition into your next role

- Explore a comprehensive tool-kit on how to successfully develop your leadership career

- Identify common leadership challenges

Lead with resilience in challenging times

-Maintain a positive attitude

-Demonstrate resilience

-Focus on strategic action

Conference Day One -

Case Study

Strong leaders manage others in a way that complements the strongest aspects of their personality. Developing a confident leadership style takes time, but feeling comfortable with your ability to communicate will help you lead others effectively.

-Build genuine professional relationships

-Remain authentic when working under pressure

-Establish your leadership brand

Case Study

Transitioning into a leadership position requires you to draw upon your technical knowledge and confidently confront challenges. To achieve this, you will need a combination of technical abilities, commercial acumen and positive influence.

- Realise and communicate your potential

- Instil strength in your team

- Develop a strategic and agile leadership identity

  • Lawrence Hosking Director Financial Reporting and Grants Policy Attorney-General's Department

Expert Commentary

Communicating complex information in a simple way can be a daunting challenge. This session will help you communicate effectively, increase retention and boost engagement.

-Keep presentations structured and predictable

-Communicate with clarity and simplicity

-Use effective imagery

Case Study

The finance function is expected to drive performance within an organisation. To succeed, you must support business priorities by delivering insight and value that stimulates growth.

-Drive clear performance outcomes as a leader

-Proactive versus reactionary leadership

-Essential negotiation skills for senior executives

  • Thao Le Chief Financial Officer ACT Government


As a leader, strong decision-making abilities are a powerful way to make your team better. Financial forecasting is an essential element in helping you make decisions confidently and quickly.

-Understand the changing workforce

-Navigate changing standards and regulations

-Emerging issues around new standards

  • Lawrence Hosking Director Financial Reporting and Grants Policy Attorney-General's Department

  • Damien Adler Assistant Secretary, Budget Analysis Branch Department of Finance

  • Andrew MacFarlane Director, Sport Financial Advisory Sport Australia

  • Bernadette Thompson Assistant Director, Public Financial Management Advisory Services Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Expert Commentary

A forward focus isn't just a characteristic of the finance function - it's an essential part of being a leader. To reach your goals, you must define your vision and devise a strategy for success.

-Practical and personal advice for career progression

-Channel constructive advice into action

-Advice for climbing the corporate ladder

Expert Commentary

Senior finance professionals face many challenges with a backdrop of new regulations and developments in technology. Being prepared to confront these issues with a constructive mindset will improve your leadership style.

-Lessons learned from a finance career

-Guidance on essential leadership skills

-Strategies to help you invest in your leadership success

  • Adam Coonan Principal & Director Coonan Consulting

Conference Day Two -

Case Study

The availability of timely, relevant and reliable information offers clarity on your government organisation’s financial position. With this clarity, you can recognise the cost and benefit of government activities.

-Transparency as a leadership strength

-Public objectives versus available resources

-Earn increased trust and respect

Expert Commentary

Large public projects can be challenging to manage due to cost, disputes over responsibility, new regulations, and operational requirements. With all of these variables, it’s necessary to identify the most pressing issues and communicate effectively.

-Contextualise information effectively

-Relay meaningful insights from data analysis

-Transform your management style

Case Study

In the rapidly changing public sector environment, it is essential to look beyond the present and search for the next steps. Looking at the bigger picture allows you and your organisation to achieve your goals with clarity.

-Understand the changing workforce

-Overcome resistors to change

-Ensure your work is relevant and valuable

  • Pranay Lodhiya Chief Financial Officer Australian Bureau of Meteorology


A comprehensive and efficient budgeting process is critical for management success. Effective budgeting can elevate your organisation and improve team productivity.

-Decreasing funds versus increasing costs

-Secure buy-in & approval from senior management

-Top tips for managing expectations

  • Peter Dunlop Chief Financial Officer Sport Australia

  • Nick Hetherington Finance Manager Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

  • Charles Wann First Assistant Secretary, Financial Management Division Department of Health

Case Study

Hard work and measurable output contribute to career progression, but don't make up the full equation. Your ability to build value and visibility will enhance career advancement opportunities.

-Speak up and be heard

-Create a strong value proposition

-Build your leadership brand

  • Robert Hanlon Chief Financial Officer Department of the Environment and Energy

Case Study

Accountability strengthens team culture, breeds excellence, and ensures ownership. As a leader in the public sector, it is essential to understand the importance of building relationships with trust and authenticity.

-Reflect and learn from defining moments

-Improve your delegation skills

-Build teams who feel positive and take ownership for their work

  • Lisa Harris Assistant Secretary Financial Compliance Department of Defence


In this final interactive discussion, summarise the takeaways from the event and develop strategies for career progression.

-Key lessons from the summit

-Important skills to help you succeed

-Develop an action plan moving forward

Post-Summit Workshop -


Executive success hinges on a fusion of technical expertise and leadership vision. Professionals in the financial field are often promoted based on technical knowledge, but following promotion they find themselves in need of leadership training.

This intensive workshop will provide you with strategies to navigate your career and tackle the critical transition from specialist to leader. You'll gain a greater understanding of your leadership strengths and learn how to leverage these for success.

Position yourself for promotion

-Embrace feedback and fast-track your development

-Create opportunities by expanding your professional network

-Strengthen the soft skills necessary for career progression

Prepare for an executive career

-Understand the value that you add to your organisation

-Learn to communicate effectively as a strategic business partner

-Identify your strengths and transform them into exceptional leadership skills

Cement your skills as an effective decision maker

-Adapt to the importance of accountability

-Transform challenges into opportunities

-Navigate honest and difficult conversations

Find your voice as a leader

-Influence different personality types

-Develop effective negotiation and persuasion techniques

-Identify how to utilise your optimal leadership style within the context of your organisation


Boat House by the Lake, Canberra

Grevillea Park, Menindee Drive, Barton, Canberra, ACT, 2600, Australia

61 2 6273 5500

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