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11th - 13th, August 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Tools, techniques & strategies to create scalable, interactive & actionable data visualisation solutions


- Create scalable, interactive & actionable data visualisation solutions
- Collect, input & visualise data using the latest tools
- Understand the power of visual storytelling
- Tackling challenges & creating solutions using data science & predictive analysis


Felipe Rego

Felipe is a leading advanced analytics and data science partner, helping teams build, manage and enhance their data science and visualisation solutions in a strategically-aligned, commercially-oriented and customer-centric way.

With extensive industry experience as well as analytical expertise, Felipe is often required by marketing, sales, finance, technology and strategy teams to provide support and to deliver robust analytical solutions that are easy to use, understand and implement. Felipe’s unique methodology focuses on a holistic organisational approach to using data and science to improve performance and reduce costs.

Data Science & Analytics Partner
Felipe Rego


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Workshop Day Three
Public Sector Data Visualisation Workshop

11 Aug - 13 Aug


Understand the power and purpose of data visualisation

- History of data visualisation, recent developments and future outlook

- Visualisation to drive decision-making for your department

- Knowing your why, and what your data needs to achieve

Tapping the five pillars of an organisation’s data science and analytics maturity

- Making sense of your organisation’s analytics capacity to create compelling data vis

- Plotting a roadmap from business strategy to data visualisation

- In-depth understanding of what makes successful organisations do data right

Deciphering key components of data visualisation

- Understanding graph theory and colour theory 

- How different shapes and objects are perceived, and create meaning

- Practical interactive activities exploring use cases of data visualisation

Connecting the dots

- Assess various use cases and meaning of data vis solutions

- Inputting data effectively and the importance of tool selection

- Design fundamentals for data visualisation

  • Felipe Rego Data Science & Analytics Partner Felipe Rego


Telling compelling action-oriented stories with data

- Learn the power of narrative, and how to effectively communicate with data

- Understand the power of visual storytelling

- Making the right graphical choices, and controlling the narrative

Data design fundamentals and visualisation literacy

- Formats for data visualisation and presentation - chart types, animation, infographics

- Picking the right visual language to influence your audience

- Simplifying the data to tell your story more effectively

Software, tools and dashboards

- Explore information presentation tools and software options

- Differences between different types of visualisation, tools and best practice

- Overview of Tableau Desktop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, and more

Dashboards design and information hierarchy

- Selecting the right option and organising your data and dashboards

- Working with complex charts and data visualisations

- Creating a clear and accessible model

  • Felipe Rego Data Science & Analytics Partner Felipe Rego


Data science and analytics fundamentals

- Explore the fundamentals of analytics behind high impact data visualisation 

- Tackling challenges and creating solutions using basic data science

- Working with predictive analytics models and basic algorithms

An introduction to predictive analysis and insights automation

- Data science fuelling forecasting and optimising operations

- Explore machine learning solutions, market segmentation, recommendation engines

- Linking predictive analytics and insights to data visualisation

Scalable, interactive and actionable data solutions

- Explore common pitfalls and hurdles for successful operational management 

- Ensure data model can be understood, maintained, and updated

- Ensure technical changes comply to strategy and best practice

Data visualisation in action

- Revisit main themes, tools, techniques and strategies

- Build a practical action plan to apply learnings to your organisation

- Group discussion, final reflections and insights

  • Felipe Rego Data Science & Analytics Partner Felipe Rego


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