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10th - 11th, March 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Practical strategies, methods & tools for Leadership in the diverse & dynamic Project Management sector


- Leadership self-awareness to improve your personal leadership capabilities
- Communicate complex project information to external & internal stakeholders
- Lead change projects & keep relevant parties informed & engaged
- Identify effective problem-solving techniques to manage project issues


  • Deborah Bispham

    Project Manager

    Life Changing Solutions


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Project Managers Leadership & High Performance Workshop - 0321

10 Mar - 11 Mar


Lead with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- The leadership challenge and leadership beliefs

- The emotionally intelligent leader

- How to manage professional and personal set-backs effectively

Effectively engage and influence stakeholders

- Analyse how stakeholders think and communicate

- Importance of rapport and working collaboratively to manage change

- Create a common ground for dialogue to facilitate inclusive communication

- Aligning values to impact project performance

Strategies for effective project governance

- Encourage support and buy-in from senior management

- Collaborate with external groups for effective partnerships

- Manage difficult conversations and resolve conflict in a project cycle

- Build your circle of influence – networks and leadership     

 How leadership styles impact project success

- Recognise how your leadership style may hinder or enhance project performance

- Identify how your leadership style can be a blocker or enabler of change

- Navigating changing leadership presence and styles in an organisation

  • Deborah Bispham Project Manager Life Changing Solutions


Effective problem-solving for increased project performance

- Taking a proactive problem-solving approach

- Understanding the root cause

- Break down the barriers to critical thinking

- Negotiation and reframing for effective solutions

Managing your team and the efficiency of delegation

- Setting up your project for effective delegation – understanding expectations

- Barriers to effective delegation and the micromanager

- Team leadership vs team management

Driving effectiveness through mentoring and coaching

- The role of the leader in improving staff experience

- Coaching staff for increased performance

- Meta Programs to take your leadership to the next level

Building personal leadership traits 

- Understand and increase your value as a project leader 

- Cultivate a high-performance mindset - become the leader you want to be

- Setting your leadership blueprint

  • Deborah Bispham Project Manager Life Changing Solutions



Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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