Procurement & Contracting Conference

Unlock best practice strategies & drive enterprise-wide change

  • July 30th - August 2nd, 2019
  • Stamford Auckland


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- Innovative solutions to drive business performance
- Streamline your end-to-end procurement process
- Discover game-changing models & technological advances
- Strategies to overcome talent & resourcing limitations


Ashok Sudhakaran

Currently Head of Procurement for The Warehouse Group, New Zealand’s largest retail chain, Ashok previously worked with SKYCITY (NZ’s largest Casino business), Pernod Ricard (one of the world’s largest wine and spirit company) and HB Fuller (the world’s largest adhesive manufacturer), all in New Zealand. Before migrating to New Zealand 13 years ago, Ashok used to work for a Singapore based agricultural trading company and has travelled extensively to 44 countries and lived in Europe, Asia and West Africa.

Head Of Procurement
The Warehouse

  • Nicholas Dye
    National Procurement Manager - Capital Works
    Ministry of Education
  • Sarah Blackie
    Commercial and Procurement Director
  • Sandra McCormack
    National Procurement Manager
    Downer New Zealand
  • Chris Anderson
    Head of Procurement and Contracts
    Christchurch City Council


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Optimising the Agile procurement process
Back to basics
Implement an effective Procure to Pay model
Demand vs resource - Find the balance
Simplified purchasing models
Align your framework with organisational values
Value optimisation & Supplier relationship management
Transform procurement from cost to value
Agility for the future of procurement success
Enhance supplier collaboration for true value
Risk in relation to procurement
Stakeholder buy-in
Implement a proactive approach
Strategic planning for the future of your procurement function
Smart procurement practices
Pre-Conference Workshop

30 Jul


An agile customer-centric approach will seamlessly link the shaping of the customer-centric value chain, and ultimately mitigating tension and complexity within the process. 

Delve into the process and principles of implementing Agile while navigating the rules and adhering to best practice principles, in this 1 day interactive workshop.

Develop a best-fit approach for your organisation

- Procurement O-S-T (Objectives – Strategy – Tactics)

- Embed ‘Agile’ into your procurement team delivery

- Clarity of procurement purpose, with a culture of urgency and a dose of hyper-vigilance

Respond to the changing pace of agile implementations - optimising the RFx cycle

- A proactive approach to improved processes

- Gain the advantage of reducing risk and a competitive edge

- Improve project transparency

- Kanban – Agile – Scrum for procurement practitioners

Navigate the rules around procurement whilst adapting

- Increase your understanding of the Agile approach

- Approaching the market whilst remaining within the frameworks

- Align with the procurement practice to optimise results

How to optimise processes and ensure a seamless end to end delivery

- Adapt to changing business and supplier conditions

- Start the agile delivery

- Reporting and performance tracking for procurement functions

- Optimise the time-to-market for best results

Conference Day 1

31 Jul

Case Study

Refining best practice procurement principles can take time, and a skilled team, to drive change. Phil will discuss how he has played a major part in building the procurement function and the importance of going back to basics.

- Build a function from infancy

- Focus on category analysis

- Become a valuable revenue stream, and not a roadblock

  • Philip Lonsdale Head of Supply Chain & Procurement Constellations Brands

Case Study

Procure to Pay is essential for accurate tracking and informed decision making. Hear from Ashok on how to ensure your Procure to Pay implementation is a success.

- Insights into the selection process

- Redesign your system to ensure an efficient workflow

- Strategies and practical advice on what to consider through the transformation

  • Ashok Sudhakaran Head Of Procurement The Warehouse


With a lean procurement team, the ongoing challenge of demand and resources can be challenging. Hear from our panel of experts on how to recruit and retain the best talent, whilst managing internal stakeholder demands.

- Strategies to optimise resources

- Retention of talent - generalist vs specialist

- Manage ongoing capacity concerns

  • Sarah Blackie Commercial and Procurement Director Xero

  • Nicala Husband Procurement Manager BNZ

  • Ashok Sudhakaran Head Of Procurement The Warehouse

Case Study

Implementing a simplified purchasing model will enhance the cyclical procurement process to perform at its best. Ensure your process is able to facilitate enterprise-wide change and rapid business improvement


- Gain internal buy-in on the added value

- Up-skill people & processes

- Refine the lifecycle value chain

Case Study

Christchurch City Council recently completed a top-to-tail update of its procurement framework. Chris will unpack key steps and insights from the journey, and explore how he reviewed existing procedures to optimise their end-to-end process.

- Steps to recognise and address change

- Adapt a forward-thinking approach

- Push expectations and maximise procurement value

  • Chris Anderson Head of Procurement and Contracts Christchurch City Council

Case Study

In today's increasingly competitive market, poor supplier relationship management (SRM) practices can lose up to 70% of contract value. Hear from Morné as he provides insights and strategies for improving contract performance.

- Enhance the procurement lifecycle

- Practical steps to develop relationships

- Boost stakeholder engagement

Case Study

Challenge traditional assumptions and channel the value of the procurement function. Rebecca will share practical takeaways on how to align with the broader company strategy.

- Optimise department capabilities

- Gain internal buy-in

- Market the view that goes beyond traditional cost savings

  • Rebecca Wilson Head of Procurement and Supply Transpower New Zealand

Conference Day 2

01 Aug

Case Study

Your procurement processes must quickly adapt to external risks and changing demands. Nicholas will offer insight into the challenges of major works projects and successes using agile methods.

- Advancements in sustainable strategies

- Drive 'value for money' outcomes

- Create a clear vision and strategy for your agile transformation

  • Nicholas Dye National Procurement Manager - Capital Works Ministry of Education

Case Study

SRM is essential for procurement to deliver strong outcomes for the organisation. Maximise your ROI by starting with supplier relationships.

- Gain enhanced alignment between procurement and wider business strategies

- Transform relationships from transactional to collaborative

- Ensure suppliers are aligned with organisational philosophies

  • Sandra McCormack National Procurement Manager Downer New Zealand

Case Study

The construction industry has and is experiencing many pressures which have increased their risk profile. Drawing on his extensive background in this industry, Darren will walk you through the steps and share his experiences on how to mitigate this risk.

- Techniques to minimise risk

- Measuring risk probability to guide infrastructure implementation

- Dealing with setbacks: Realigning projects that have gone awry

  • Darren Webster Operations manager Pacific Build Supply


Attaining different stakeholder groups’ engagement is an ongoing challenge for many procurement teams. You must ensure all parties recognise and align with the business objectives.

- Establish the impact on the broader organisation 

- Internal stakeholder engagement

- Increase the visibility of procurement activities

  • Jessica Tutty National Procurement Manager Coca Cola Amatil NZ

  • Honey Meares New Zealand Procurement Manager BP New Zealand

  • Andrea Gregory Head of Procurement Tower Insurance

  • Sarah Blackie Commercial and Procurement Director Xero

Case Study

Implement a forward-looking procurement model to identify the future needs of the wider organisation and external parties. Go beyond simply reacting to the needs of external stakeholders, and ensure refined processes are in place to address future trends and demands.

- Enable a sustainable work-flow

- Minimise future risk through refined processes

- Go beyond being reactive to customer needs and demands

  • Doug McIsaac National Procurement Manager PSP Limited


Identify the key challenges that are impacting the capability of your procurement function, and reflect on key takeaways from the 2-day conference.

- Reflect on key learnings and takeaways

- Refine your end-to-end process

- Optimise procurement as a core business function

Post-Conference Workshop

02 Aug


Uncover procurement strategies for on-the-ground delivery with practical examples you can apply back in the office. Learn critical skills and methods to refine your current practices and create a best-fit approach for your organisation.

Procurement strategies, policy, and procedures

- Use principles and rules effectively

- Understand how to plan procurement properly

- Use effective, efficient and reliable practices

On the ground delivery

- Understand the critical success factors for delivering through contracts

- Driving activity to improve performance

- Easily applied frameworks

- Advice on the application of procurement procedures

Increase value and outcomes

- Go beyond compliance with your process

- Consider whole-of-life costs

- Concept of strategic sourcing

Keep your team up-to-date on the latest best practices

- Forward-thinking practices and how to become an expert

- Utilise suppliers for innovative solutions

- Create an action plan for success


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