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Power BI Fundamentals - Powering Up Your Data Insights

17th - 18th, April 2024 / Online
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Take your business intelligence and professional success to the next level through analysing, visualising and sharing data

• Power BI 101 • Build impactful reports using data modelling and visualisation tools
• Transform data like a pro • Use Power Query Editor to shape and clean data for powerful insights
• Communicate insights effectively • Create visually compelling reports that communicate complex data clearly
• Collaborate with ease • Discover the best practices to share your reports and seamlessly collaborate with your team


Lance Rubin

Lance has a wealth of financial modelling experience across financial and professional services

having worked at two of the Big 4 accounting firms, Investec Bank Corporate Finance and Advisory

and National Australia Bank.

Lance is the founder of Model Citizn, an organisation that helps all businesses and governments to

make relevant, informed, and purposeful decisions with insight, by better managing cashflow and

their Excel and Power BI environments. Lance has run workshops across Australia and New Zealand

on data analytics and data visualisation using Power BI on behalf of ACCA and CA ANZ (CA Catalyst).

Lance is also the Chief Excel Officer for EXL Cloud, an innovative software solution that helps

accountants and finance professionals get more value from the cloud and Excel by automating the

creation of cash flow and financial models. Lance is a recognised global expert in Power BI for

Accounting and Finance and has been a speaker at the Global Power BI Summit for the past two


Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Model Citizn



Introduction to Power BI Fundamentals

- Understand the key components of Power BI report development - data sources, data transformations, data modelling, and data visualisation

- Learn how to review and analyse data using Power BI

- Develop strategies for explaining the goals and purpose of your data visualisation

The importance of data literacy in adopting Power BI 

- Understand how create a data culture 

- Explore the adoption roadmap for business intelligence

- Understand what ‘data literacy’ and ‘artefacts’ are required to demonstrate this  

Data storytelling and influencing using Power BI

- Learn how to structure a data narrative and story

- Understand the principles for visually presenting data

- Apply these principles to create effective visualisations for simple and complex cases

Shaping data using Power Query to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) 

- Hands on practical application - how to extract, clean and transform data

- Develop skills with key aspects of data dimensions including the calendar or dates table

- Explore M Script to customise your transformation and queries

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn


Data model development and building relationships

- Develop a complete data model with the star schema design

- Build relationships within the data model for ease of slicing and dicing data

- Tools to ensure all key relationships exist prior to build

Bringing the data model to life - Introducing relationships and DAX

- Getting started with DAX - learn formula language and filter contexts 

- How to calculate measures to answer specific questions 

- Develop a hands-on approach to grouping and segmenting DAX and creating and editing

Creating reports and data visualisation part 1 - Basics of navigation and formatting

- Learn how to create dashboards and page navigation 

- Understand the structure of a reporting page and user experience

- Customise reports using buttons, colours and other features

Report and data visualisation part 2 - Advanced visuals 

- Learn how to use tooltips to increase information density in your visualisations

- Identify ways to measure the of Power BI adoption 

- Explore third-party extensions and AI visuals to expand your visualisations

- Please note this is an advanced Excel course. Attendees should possess good Excel skills, competency with functions such as V-Lookup and pivot tables, or experience with other reporting tools

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn

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