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March 24th, 2020
Sydney, AU

Planning to succeed - From policy development to service delivery


Carolyn Page

Since 2007 Carolyn has provided policy analysis, training and strategic advice for over 20 Australian, state and territory government agencies and for a range of voluntary and non-government organisations. Prior to 2007, she built policy and evaluation units in three government agencies, receiving two Australia Day medals for excellence in policy development and the Secretary’s Award for leadership in establishing a culture of evaluation in one large agency. Carolyn holds a Master’s Degree in Management specialising in industry strategy and has over 20 years’ experience as a teacher, trainer, facilitator and professional chair.

The Clear English Company


- Understand the context, politics & opportunities for a proposed policy or program
- Gain confidence in using logic models to develop policy & to plan for successful program delivery
- Use ‘Policy Logic’ & ‘Program Logic’ to map policy trajectories & program implementation pathways
- Identify key questions, tools & strategies for research, evaluation & data analysis
- Establish key stakeholder groups & communicate your policy or program
- Take time to reflect on your pathway within a professional public service


Planning, Analysis & Development Intensive
Policy in Practice

24 Mar

Policy analysis and development - The fundamentals

- Policy-making models - cycles, systems, key actors and influencers

- Working in the real-world - impediments and unexpected events 

- Identify government policy priorities and challenges

- Communication strategies and critical partnership skills 


Critical tools - Evaluation capability building (ECB) for policy and service delivery teams

- The role of evaluative thinking in public policy

- Create opportunities for collaboration, speculation and co-creation of policy and program delivery options 

- Identify measurable indicators of success at each stage of the policy cycle

- Make the shift from operational measures to outcomes measures of success


Critical tools - Using logic models to plan for success

- Identify policy problems - what are they costing us, what are the impediments to change and what are the outcomes we want to see?

- Develop a ‘theory of change’ to explain your proposed policy or program

- Use multiple policy levers (regulatory, economic and social) to achieve the desired outcome

- Strategies to identify key milestones for monitoring and evaluation 


Create effective communication strategies and service delivery partnerships 

- Work with service providers, program managers and stakeholders

- Make your case - communicate effectively about your new policy proposal or implementation plan

- Reframe and explain the policy problem and proposed solution for different audiences

- Get ready for review - effectively tell your policy or program ‘story’

  • Carolyn Page Director The Clear English Company


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