8th PMO Leadership Summit

Practical strategies to drive performance and boost value

  • August 19th - 23rd, 2019
  • Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay


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- Tracking metrics to achieve faster delivery cycles
- Strategies to incorporate an Agile approach
- Optimise resources for operational excellence
- Unlock strategic risk management


Rob Loader

As Executive of Capital Management for Telstra, Rob is responsible for leading enterprise-wide prioritisation and planning, financial and execution governance and project management capability uplift of Telstra's multi-billion dollar annual investment programme. PMI Global recently awarded Telstra the global PMO of the Year award under Rob’s leadership. He is a Fellow of the Finance and Securities Institute and the Australian Institute of Project Management, a Certified Practicing Portfolio Executive (CPPE), Project Management Professional (PMP) and AIPM Victorian chapter Vice President.

Executive, Capital Management

  • Michael Artiles
    Director, Business Services
    NSW Procurement
  • Kathy Lombardo
    Associate Director Project Controls
    Transport for NSW
  • David McGahey
    Former Director General, Plan Centaur
    Department of Defence
  • Alan Harris
    Change Director
    University of Sydney


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Establish an effective EPMO
Align your PMO with the business fabric
Assurance in an agile environment
Traditional to Agile
ROI for PMO & how to calculate it?
Project Leadership: The game changer in large scale complex projects
The journey from routine PMO, to effective EPMO, through to business management
Agile, innovation & digital transformation
Risk management under PMO governance
Develop your PMO for effective business outcomes
The surprising outcomes of the Human Centered Design lens
Communication through storytelling
Achieve Enterprise Governance, Agility & Business Outcomes with PPM
Deliver results for business success
What is your P?
Build value with stakeholders
Take your PMO into the future
Summit Day One

20 Aug

Case Study

An EPMO is brought in to oversee all programs and projects across an enterprise. Kathy will discuss the process of establishing a successful EPMO in an already well established enterprise.

- Lead an established team

- Align the company with your team's vision

- Identify and fill the gaps

  • Kathy Lombardo Associate Director Project Controls Transport for NSW

Case Study

The PMO is an investment to a company. Michael will talk about how to make sure the PMO is part of the business fabric.

- Strategy creation to business performance reporting

- Unify the PMO and company vision

- Understand internal and external factors

  • Michael Alacqua Program Director Sydney Water

Case Study

Explore client engagement in agile ways of working and gain a deeper understanding of how to overcome challenges when integrating delivery method with a governance structure.

-Insight around agile assurance requirements 

-Integrating an agile approach in your organisation

-Learning outcomes in reflection

  • Louise Gardner Principal Consultant & Managing Director Pledge Consulting


Leading PMOs are using an agile approach to project management. Our panel will discuss how they have adapted and driven performance.

- Why the future is leaning towards Agile

- Assess the agile value for your organisation

- The amalgamation of Waterfall and Agile

  • Alicia Aitken Head of Investment Management & Delivery ANZ Bank - Australia

  • Renee Geary Transformation Program Director CCI Insurance

  • Jack Su Head of Strategy Execution & PMO AON

  • Ashish Suhag Director - Transition & Transformation Management Oracle

  • Victoria Voinigescu Senior Product Manager Project & Portfolio Management Micro Focus


New PMO Generation is all about adding value and the key challenge for PMOs are how to define, measure and present the value they add. Amireh will discuss how PMOs should define, measure and present ROI to the business.

  • Amireh Amirmazaheri PMO Services Manager PMO Solutions Pty Ltd.


As program and project complexity is increasing, PMOs need leaders with different skills to achieve project success, but what does an effective complex project leader look like? Collin will present the findings of the ICCPM International Roundtable Series which explored this question. Benefit from the insights of international experts gathered over 12 months which have been distilled into the concise thought leadership report, Project Leadership: The Game Changer in Large Scale Complex Projects. Learn about:

- The changing project environment

- The leadership characteristics that are needed to deliver success in complex project environments

- Managing stakeholder expectations and negotiating success

  • Collin Smith Chief Executive Officer International Centre for Complex Project Management

Case Study

Leading out an Enterprise PMO function to deliver true enterprise-wide value and be seen as a trusted business partner is no easy journey. In this session, Tony will take you through this journey and share the key lessons he has learned along the way.

- The value of change management

- Understand the pace and absorption rate

- Deliver faster value

  • Tony Antonios Associate Director, Business Management and EPMO Optus

Case Study

Waterfall is slowly being transitioned out of organisations and being replaced with agile methodology. Elaf will explain this transition and the need to embrace innovation and digital transformation for successful project delivery.

- The move from waterfall to agile project delivery

- Improve delivery, customer satisfaction, and team culture

- Digital transformation

  • Elaf Abdel-Razaq Innovation Manager SA Power Networks

Case Study

A key element of future forecasting is risk identification. David will discuss how he improves business processes by distinguishing risks.

- Define a methodology for risk management

- Manage the impact on delivery

- Remain rigid and flexible

  • David McGahey Former Director General, Plan Centaur Department of Defence

Summit Day Two

21 Aug

Case Study

Organisational culture is a key element to having an effective PMO. Michael will explore how to create and manage a PMO when faced with a challenging environment. 

- The evolution of the PMO

- Access the maturity levels

- Adapt to new approaches

  • Michael Artiles Director, Business Services NSW Procurement

Case Study

The City of Sydney used Human Centered Design (HCD) to redesign the City’s governance framework that supports over 300 projects at a total value of $300 million per year, across the Corporate & Strategy and Capital Works program. Sarah will explore the methodology, challenges and benefits of initialising an HCD mindset.

- Synthesis and how to survive it

- Create unexpected solutions

- Unintended consequences 

  • Sarah Foxe Manager, PMO City of Sydney

Case Study

Telling a story can help an organisation understand change and help establish yourself as an influential communicator. Alan will discuss how he uses storytelling to his advantage.

- Story structure: The beginning, middle and end

- Storytelling as a communication tool

- Relate stories to personal experiences

  • Alan Harris Change Director University of Sydney

Sponsor - Solution Spotlight

Paolo will showcase Enel Italia S.R.L’s journey as being a multinational energy company with 28 Billion Euros in assets and 73 Million clients, and take you through how PPM as a solution framework has allowed Enel to manage enterprise projects using project delivery methodologies such as waterfall and Agile and how these are reported at a project, program and portfolio level to the Investment Committee. 

-Understand how all business ideas can be initiated in PPM for business case approval and prioritisation

-Organisation resource demand and supply views for capacity optimisation

-Portfolio and Governance management at an organisation level

  • Paolo Notazio ICT Project & Program Manager Enel Italia S.R.L


Companies are trying to do more with less, so performance is paramount. Nivin will explore how she has delivered business outcomes throughout her career.

-Define what success looks like for the project

-Develop an agile approach to challenges

-Determine what are the learnings from the project journey

  • Nivin Gonsalves Program Manager ANZ

Case Study

Rob will discuss the lessons he learned maintaining the relevance and value of the PMO with a clear purpose.

- What is the purpose of your PMO?

- How are emerging organisation structures and operating approaches affecting the future of PM and PMO?

- What does this mean for developing adaptive and agile PMO’s and project environments?

  • Rob Loader Executive, Capital Management Telstra

Case Study

For PMO success, you must commit to ongoing value creation. Marta will discuss how she is using stakeholder engagement strategies to achieve this goal.

- Identify and meet expectations

- Improve and refresh service

- Build trust with effective communication

  • Marta Baranska Executive Manager PMO & Performance Suncorp


Reflect on the themes discussed throughout the summit and ignite your passion. This interactive roundtable will help you to take your learnings back into your workplace.

- Lessons learned from the summit

- Steps to success

- Add value to your PMO


Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay

30 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

+61 2 9259 7000

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