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May 5th, 2020
Wellington, NZ

Boost productivity & build enduring supplier relationships


Paul Rogers

Founder and Managing Director of Spire Consulting Limited specialising in providing strategic planning, asset & facilities management advisory and supply chain consulting services. Paul has worked on and managed numerous projects, across the globe, with a focus on strategic planning, facilities management (FM) performance improvement programmes, and supply chain optimisation, particularly in the successful provision of service supply and partnering strategies.

Managing Director
Spire Consulting


- Explore the differences between performance-based contracting & other contracting techniques
- Establish a methodology for determining contract outcomes
- Understand the role & impact of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
- Flexibly manage relationships & strike the balance between focused & sufficiently agile in times of chaos


Performance-Based Contracting Workshop
Performance-Based Contracting Workshop

05 May

Defining a performance-based contract 

- Identify your key performance objectives within your service levels using O-S-T (Objectives – Strategy – Tactics)

- Understand the essential elements of the performance-based contract 

- Develop your procurement plan in support of the PBC

- Define a process for developing a performance-based contract 


Setting performance levels and establishing the outcome of the arrangement 

- Understand what the outcome of a performance-based contract should be 

- Pin-point the key elements for contractual success 

- Identify and manage stakeholders 

- Define required performance levels

Identifying the key performance indicators 

- Utilise a practical methodology for determining KPIs 

- Understand the role and impact of KPIs from a ‘whole of contract’ perspective 

- Analyse risk assessment mechanisms

- Incorporate risk into the performance model 


Performance-based contract governance & control

- Foster culture of urgency and healthy vigilance

- Understand the importance of visibility, reporting and performance tracking for procurement functions 

- Contextualise supplier relationship management in performance-based contracting

  • Paul Rogers Managing Director Spire Consulting


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