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17th - 19th, August 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Best-practice & flexible financial modelling to support decision making in a dynamic environment


- Develop and apply technical skills and spreadsheet tools to produce a best practice financial model
- Explore the financial impacts of digital transformation and shared service trends
- Overcome the common challenges associated with financial modelling in the Public Sector
- Optimising dashboards to clearly present model outcomes to senior management


Lance Rubin

Lance has a wealth of modelling experience across financial and professional services having worked at two of the Big 4 accounting, Investec Bank Corporate Finance & Advisory and National Australia Bank across both retail and wholesale banking divisions and products.

Lance started his own financial modelling consultancy firm following over 20 years of Corporate experience having moving most recently from NAB where he was a senior leader across Performance Management and Rates Validation which was responsible for daily pricing, rates and valuation used in the bank’s core banking systems across interest rate, foreign exchange and commodities.

Lance was previously members of both the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ), Member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) (2000-2009), Financial Modeling Fundamentals (Modano certified A+), Certified trainer for the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) focusing specifically on the Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) accreditation.

Most recently Lance was selected to be a judge of the world’s first Financial Modelling Innovation Awards and a speaker at the Financial Modelling Summit (to be held virtually)

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Model Citizn


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Workshop Day Three
Outcomes-Focused Financial Modelling for Government

17 Aug - 19 Aug


Start with the big picture: What are you modelling and why?

- The role of financial modelling in a Government context

- Understand your stakeholders, services, people, resources and outcome needs

- Determine resource and service delivery consumable costs

- Explore financial impacts of new frameworks, digital transformation and shared service trends 

Design your model to meet organisational expectations and deliver value

- Establish model dimensions, define fixed and variable parameters

- Case-by-case benchmarking to ensure best practice outcomes

- Ensure the right assumptions are made - Are they realistic? Do they reflect what is really happening?

- Set clear standards for models to maintain modelling quality and consistency

Data sourcing, analysis and dealing with large datasets

- What are the differences or similarities between analytics and modelling?

- Overview of challenges with accessing robust and consistent data from a range of sources

- Incorporate innovative types of qualitative and quantitative data to broaden analysis

- Extract relevant information, identify cost drivers and conduct unit cost analysis

Financial modelling with uncertain and emerging variables

- The cornerstones of a flexible model, managing variable uncertainty

- Incorporate sensitivity analysis to mitigate risk and increase accuracy

- Apply controls to ensure models are achievable and produce robust financials

- Common pitfalls of complex financial models and tools to overcome them

Practical build application (part 1)

- Introduce the practical model build exercise

- Commence the initial outline of the model structure

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn


Technical Skills Think-Tank: Advanced financial modelling tools and functions

- Shortcuts to increase efficiency when building a robust, thorough financial model

- Review aggregate functions to simplify complicated and conditional calculations

- Speed up variable calculations with relative, absolute and mixed referencing

Ensure model quality through testing and evaluation

- Techniques and tools to measure model effectiveness through evaluative methods

- Methods to conduct thorough pilot testing to scrutinise a financial model

- Ensure financial models integrate properly

- Understand the importance of best practice model documentation and specification to benefit multiple users

Translate modelling into effective management action plans

- Help your organisation to identify savings targets, add value and develop savings or revenue plans

- Clarity on how to use models to plan for long-term viability, and understand systems and processes to facilitate change

- Ensure action plans in place to achieve savings or increased revenue targets

- Effective articulation and presentation of complex ideas that achieve stakeholder expectations

Practical build application (part 2)

- Continue developing the model as required

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn


Continue developing the model for both finance and non-finance employees

- Explore information presentation tools

- Assist operational management to understand the financial ramifications of their service

- Ensure model can be understood, maintained, and updated without reliance on subject matter expertise

- Ensure technical changes can be made to model with rebuilding

Soft Skills Think-Tank: Essential soft skills to support best practice financial modelling

- Routinely consult with management to embed senior level engagement and awareness

- Liaise with business and faculty teams to understand needs and inform decision making

 - Practical exercise on using a model to present with influence and make better decisions collaboratively 

Practical build application (part 3)

- Introduce the practical model build exercise

- Commence the initial outline of the model structure

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn


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Virtual / Streaming

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