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22nd - 23rd, June 2023
Sydney, AU

Essential leadership strategies for career success


- Define your leadership qualities to stand out and advance
- Use Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to drive productivity
- Learn to lead with confidence through change and uncertainty
- Build a growth mindset and continuous learning to stay ahead of the curve


Amy Stewart

Amy is a highly sought-after leadership coach and trainer, and one of Australia’s leading Emotional Intelligence (EI) specialists, with over twenty years of expertise across learning, leadership and organisational development.  Known for her dynamic facilitation and presentation skills, Amy can connect and motivate groups of all sizes, technical capabilities and levels of leadership, across many sectors and industries, including adult education, public sector and financial services. Amy has built her career working with some of the best – IAG, ANZ, Contiki, Avis, Australian Institute of Management, Dress for Success, and many more!

Leadership & Organisational Development Specialist
Amy Stewart Learning and Development


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
NSW Public Sector Women in Leadership Workshop

22 Jun - 23 Jun


The fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- Explore the main elements of EQ

- How to identify your areas of strength and weakness

- Evaluate your emotional responses and their effects during challenging times

Emotional Intelligence and leading with empathy

- Understand emotional drivers to better motivate yourself and your team whilst remote working

- Expand emotional agility - adapt behaviour to suit different leadership styles

- Emotional reasoning for effective decision making

Strengthen your resilience and resolve

- Perform productively through tough times

- Deal constructively with stress, criticism and setbacks

- Effectively manage conflict and turn negativity into opportunity

Develop a clear vision and purpose to drive career success

- Recognise and explore areas of growth and development

- Understand behaviour in times of change

- Proactively apply EQ moving forward

  • Amy Stewart Leadership & Organisational Development Specialist Amy Stewart Learning and Development


Effective communication and negotiation to project confidence and credibility

- Develop productive communication skills

- Practice authenticity

- Influence and engage your teams


Understand the impact of nonverbal communication in leadership

- Use eye contact and posture to make your message stick 

- Master your gestures to influence with purpose

- Fine-tune pitch, tone and speed of your speech to make an impact

Stakeholder management - Navigate group dynamics and build strong relationships

- Adapt strategies to manage different people

- Harness and resolve conflict

- Understand and prioritise key relationships


Personal action plan for success in the NSW Public Sector 

- Identify and respond to threats and see challenges as opportunities

- Determine your areas for development, key resources, change agents and networks

- Plan your actions - identify and pursue opportunities beyond your to-do-list

  • Amy Stewart Leadership & Organisational Development Specialist Amy Stewart Learning and Development



Sydney, Australia

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