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June 7th, 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Strategies to inform decision-making and deliver greater impact - Data for Non-Data Professionals


- Explore the importance and impact of data literacy at NSW Grades 11-12
- Leading data-literate teams and driving a culture of data literacy
- Data visualisation essentials for influential communication
- Using data to drive effective decision-making


Rabia Khan

Rabia Khan is a public health and data specialist with over 20 years of experience in the health sector in roles spanning across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. She has extensive experience in improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities through better use of data and evidence. She helps people to do more good, make better decisions, and increase their impact through meaningful change using data and evidence.

Founder & CEO
Data Action Impact


NSW Public Sector Grades 11-12 Advanced Data Skills Workshop
NSW Public Sector Grades 11-12 Advanced Data Literacy Workshop

07 Jun


Learn how interpreting data correctly can enhance the timeliness of decision making

- Mitigate potential future obstacles through data-driven decision making

- Understand how your data literacy competency impacts your team

Managing a team and their competency with data literacy

- Identify the steps to foster a culture of data literacy

- Learn how to get the best out of analysts

- How to effectively manage good data literacy for Grades 9-10 reports

Maximising the potential of your current systems

- Understand which data is relevant and how to test the validity of the data you have

- Learn how to measure, analyse and interpret internal processes

- Recognise how to safely manage data and maximise its value for public policy and administration

Persuasive evidence through data visualisation

- Learn how to tell a story to help decision-makers see the big picture and act on the results of the analysis

- Translate data to recommend impactful and actionable organisational changes

- Learn how to persuade with data by justifying your choices with evidence

  • Rabia Khan Founder & CEO Data Action Impact


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