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20th - 27th, June 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Unlock your potential as a strategic leader - powerful tools and insights to lead with maximum impact


- Influence positive change in your organisation by making innovative decisions based on concrete evidence
- Learn effective communication techniques to develop and expand your networks
- Build a high-performance culture aligned with organisational goals
- Create impactful action plans for business outcomes and personal growth development


Rabia Khan

Rabia Khan is a public health and data specialist with over 20 years of experience in the health sector in roles spanning across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. She has extensive experience in improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities through better use of data and evidence. She helps people to do more good, make better decisions, and increase their impact through meaningful change using data and evidence.

Founder & CEO
Data Action Impact


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
NSW Health Managers Level 5 & 6 Strategic Leadership Workshop

20 Jun - 27 Jun


Decision making using measured risk

- Operate effectively with the freedom of authority and accountability

- Master evidence based, independent decision making and your abilities to implement these


- Recognise innovation and opportunity in times of change

Exercising broad judgement and delegation

- Providing direction and advice to your team

- Anticipate and resolve problems in dynamic environments using creative solutions

- Exercise judgement and problem solving in service policy areas (eg mental health, HR)

- Tools for being flexible and responsive

Expanding your network and building relationships

- Tools for active listening to create trusting relationships

- Strategies for developing strategic partnerships

- Master non-verbal communication

Developing business strategies and plans

- Enhance your budget management skills

- Develop courses of action to enhance team efficiency

- Practise short term and long term strategy planning

- Tools for reallocating resources to meet changing business needs

  • Rabia Khan Founder & CEO Data Action Impact


Influencing for outcomes

- Identify your existing approach to influencing and current challenges

- Adopt a framework to prepare for and help you influence others

- Identify the key aspects of trust for influencing and how to incorporate it

Building a high performance culture

- Understand the benefits of a high-performance culture for staff, patients, and the organisation

- Strategies for setting and maintaining high standards of performance

- Facilitate clear connection between area executives and your team

Delivering policy aligned with organisational goals

- Adhere to the Accounts and Audit and Determination for Health Services and all Statutory Requirements

- Gain a sound understanding of political and cross-Health Service issues and how they impact on the organisation

- Promote organisational visions and goals

- Actively contribute to shaping your organisations plan and monitor compliance with the

plans and all professional standards

Action planning for Healthcare leaders

- Understand the benefits of lateral thinking

- Recognise short and long term priorities for your goals

- Ensure a bright future for NSW Health by becoming a role model for emerging leaders

  • Rabia Khan Founder & CEO Data Action Impact



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Virtual / Streaming

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