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7th - 8th, February 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Develop your leadership style and understand what it means to manage your team successfully


- Essential leadership and management fundamentals
- Align your leadership style with the demands of the health system
- Identify strategies to provide input, interpret, monitor team performance
- Effective communication and interpersonal skills


Rabia Khan

Rabia Khan is a public health specialist with over 20 years of experience in the health sector in roles spanning across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. She has extensive experience in improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities through better use of data and evidence. She helps people to do more good, make better decisions, and to increase their impact through meaningful change. She develops and delivers a range of workshops for government and nonprofits to help people create meaningful change. 

Founder & CEO
Data Action Impact


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
NSW Health Managers Level 1 & 2 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

07 Feb - 08 Feb


Identify the capabilities, attributes and skills of an effective manager and leader

-Understand what collective and individual leadership means

-Identify your own core values and goals as a leader

-Define your leadership style

Understand the role of systems and critical thinking in transforming the health care system

-Identify strategies to lead through constant change and uncertainty 

-Apply tools for resilience and flexibility of self and team

-Use a framework to identify, define and solve problems

Improve productivity for yourself and others through effective time management techniques

-Using a business plan

-Understand the importance of ensuring budgets, deadlines, and targets are met

-Apply tools to design strategic business objectives and business cases (SMART Goals)

Apply tools and techniques to make better decisions

-Learn ways to discover, manage, mitigate and avoid decision-making traps

-Develop critical thinking skills, sharpening your intuition in the face of risk and uncertainty

-Identify strategies to build team decision-making capabilities 

  • Rabia Khan Founder & CEO Data Action Impact


Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

-Understand your EQ and its impact on people and organisation climate 

-Apply emotional intelligence and growth mindset approaches to analyse and improve team communication and performance 

-Understand the shift between technical management and people leadership


Effective communication and interpersonal skills

-Understand what it takes to be an authentic leader and communicator

-Use techniques and tools to handle tough conversations

-Build and maintain effective relationships with stakeholders

Develop and maintain performance measures to enhance team capacity

-Upskill and develop your team through supporting their goals

-Structure a feedback conversation

-Plan operational activities based on individual strengths

Action planning for developing and leading self

-Demonstrate self awareness

-Advocate your value as a leader 

-Understand the leadership pipeline

-Create an action plan for your career

  • Rabia Khan Founder & CEO Data Action Impact



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Virtual / Streaming

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