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27th - 28th, July 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Developing, promoting & enabling successful executive women’s leadership in the Northern Territory Public Sector


- Develop your individual leadership style
- Lead with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & authenticity
- Develop structured influencing techniques
- Embrace complexity, uncertainty & diversity


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Northern Territory Public Sector Women's Leadership Workshop

27 Jul - 28 Jul


What is leadership and what’s your style?

- Determine the fundamentals of leadership attributes and skills of influential leaders

- Discover the style that best motivates and drives others

- Embrace your leadership style and maximise your strengths

- Build self-awareness on the way others perceive your style

How to lead with Emotional Intelligence

- Maximise Decision-Making and Stress Management

- Evaluate your EQ strengths and identify opportunities for further growth and development

- Understand the qualities of flexibility, empathy, resilience and authenticity to maximise your leadership style

How do your beliefs and values impact on your EQ/Leadership approach?

- Understand your internal drivers and how they impact on your reactions

- Appreciate and recognise how your drivers may impact on others

What EQ strategies and practical actions do you need to focus on?

- Identify a variety of strategies and practical actions

- Select from a menu of strategies/actions to tailor your personal leadership plan needs

- Leverage from your strengths and understand how to maximise areas of growth

  • Natalie Lincolne Strategic Performance Consultant Incredible People


How to lead through rapid change

- Exploring internal and external factors and drivers that impact on leadership capability

- Leadership challenges in a public sector world and leveraging your EQ in the workplace

- Build self-awareness of leadership traits and how they align with organisational goals

Understanding organisational complexity

- What we say and what we do

- Leading a team and developing people – Do you understand each other’s expectations?

- Strategic leaders ask the right questions…what are they?

- What does a ‘good’ culture look like?

Managing conflict and dealing with difficult behaviour

- Employer obligations: the importance of natural justice and procedural fairness

- How do leaders deliver outcomes and create performance in the land of chaos?

- Practical scenarios to manage conflict and difficult behaviours

Reviewing the personal leadership plan

- Identify and cross check the plan from day one

- Review in light of the new information from day two

- Highlight / change strategies, actions and areas of focus

  • Natalie Lincolne Strategic Performance Consultant Incredible People


Natalie Lincolne

Natalie has over 20 years’ experience and a wide range of skills and experience in driving improved organisational performance. Her passion is to partner with leaders who want to improve employee engagement, performance and productivity so that great talent is motivated and retained. Natalie has been working and consulting in the public sector (WA state, local and federal) since 2008, having transitioned from corporate senior management roles (NAB, Ansett). Natalie also works as a leadership coach and strategic facilitator in her own business and undertakes pro bono work in several not-for-profit organisations. 

Strategic Performance Consultant
Incredible People


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Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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