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March 22nd, 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Negotiate with strategy, vision and confidence


- Recognise the importance of negotiation skills in the workplace and in everyday life
- Discover your personal negotiation style, and strategies to resolve conflict during a negotiation
- Investigate how non-verbal communication, persuasion, influence, and culture can impact a negotiation
- Use principled negotiation to respond to critical moments in negotiation simulations


Noa Sheer

Noa Sheer is a negotiation consultant, expert and scholar who brings research-based methods in negotiation planning and persuasion to experienced negotiators in industries such as tech, construction, real estate, banking & finance, and the public sector.

Noa designs negotiation protocols and “playbooks” bespoke to organisations, delivers negotiation training and represents C-suite clients in high stakes negotiations. Some noted clients include Westpac, UBER, NSW Health, Australian Department of Defence, Bank of New York Mellon, China Construction Bank, Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works, and Elders Real Estate.

Noa is the owner of the consultancy Sheer Negotiations, a lecturer at the UNSW School of Business and the Australian Graduate School of Management, and the co-author of the textbook Effective Negotiation: From Research to Results – used in universities in Australasia, Europe and the US.

Negotiation Consultant
Sheer Negotiations


Negotiation and Influence Skills Workshop

22 Mar


Negotiation Essentials

- Negotiation strategy and structure

- Preparation and planning process

- Key factors and dynamics in negotiations

- Practical methods to determine optimum success:

- Read the other party

- Steer the negotiation

- Design a creative solution

- Techniques for maximising value and gain

Principles of Persuasion and Influence 

- Key approaches to framing your idea

- Explore persuasive communication styles to present your suggestion or idea

- Influence skills - How to respond to a negotiation using power and influence

Taking things to the next level - Negotiation simulations and debrief 

- Practical simulations and debriefing to reassess your strengths, weaknesses, and personal learning goals for improving your negotiation abilities

- Action planning - what will you implement?

  • Noa Sheer Negotiation Consultant Sheer Negotiations



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Virtual / Streaming

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