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April 20th, 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Psychological skills training for professionals and teams


- Understand the psychology of change, and how you respond to uncertainty
- Explore its ongoing impact on the workplace, and in your personal life
- Understand the five key domains that influence your behaviour in social situations
- Establish a regular self-care routine for yourself, both in and out of work


Melissa Harries

Melissa is a psychologist and specialist in developing proactive interventions that improve employee wellbeing, drawn from over a decade working with the Australian Army running a military mental health unit supporting a unit of 1200 soldiers.

She is also the founder of the Parramatta Psychology Clinic, in 2012, and provides EAP counselling, where she specialises in Managing Mental Health in the Workplace and Adaptability.

Principal Psychologist
Mindset Psychology


Mental Health & Resilience for Personal Wellbeing & Performance

20 Apr


Anxiety and stress - How we respond to uncertainty

- Understanding the nature and cause of anxiety and stress at work

- Examining and evaluating wellbeing

- Mapping stress signatures


Using neuroscience to work more effectively with others

- Understand the five key domains that influence your behavior in social situations

- Strategies for regulating panic reactions, and maximising positive feelings

- How to maximise your sense of connection and cohesion in digital teams


Mental health for individuals and employees

- Identify warning signs in yourself and your team-members

- Managing your own well-being and being available to support your colleagues

- Communication techniques for building rapport and empathetic understanding

- Practical strategies for supporting anxious colleagues, friends, or family


Psychological Skills for the workplace

- Understanding the function of emotions and what a healthy emotional life looks like

- Practical psychological strategies to change unhelpful thoughts and to switch off worry

- Practice emotion regulation skills

  • Melissa Harries Principal Psychologist Mindset Psychology



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Virtual / Streaming

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