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6th - 7th, September 2023
Virtual / Streaming

From strategy to action - Learn to measure government outcomes effectively


- Establish clear connections between governance, strategy, objectives, and outcomes
- Choose relevant and effective indicators to track outcomes and support evaluation
- Develop a framework to track measurement, performance, and causation
- Generate an action plan to initiate outcome measurement within your department


Kevin Riley

Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in financial and performance management and budgeting. This includes working with Treasury and Finance departments in the Commonwealth and across all Territory and State jurisdictions. Kevin is a Fellow with both Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and CPA Australia. In 2022 Kevin was awarded the National Fellowship by the Institute of Public Administration Australia. He is also a Qualified Accountant with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK).

Managing Director
Capital Training College


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Measuring Government Outcomes

06 Sep - 07 Sep


Assess organisational readiness and capacity for change

- Analyse organisational strengths and culture

- Identify links between governance, strategy, outcomes and objectives

- Determine readiness and capacity to change

Develop a toolkit for outcomes and objectives measurement

- The role of leadership in developing an outcomes-focused organisation

- Leverage communication and stakeholder engagement

- Develop an outcomes measurement framework

Plan how you will navigate the complexities of change

- Integrate outcome measurement within traditional planning cycles

- Identify realistic and achievable outcomes

- Navigate complex change in culture, systems and processes

Build an interdepartmental outcome strategy

- Identify the interactions between departments

- Share outcome adjustments between teams

- Increase integration and communication between departments

  • Kevin Riley Managing Director Capital Training College


Increase tangible outcomes and measurements

- Identify observable measurable outcomes

- Design and select quantifiable measures that provide meaningful feedback about your outcomes

- Evaluate feedback and data strengths for performance measures

 Articulate measurable outcomes

- Shift focus from unput and output to outcome measurement

- Understand the impact of outcomes

- Transition from action-oriented to outcomes-focused

Map relationships between outcomes

- Create a relationship framework

- Analyse the interdependencies of departments and teams

- Examine the relationship between measurement, performance and causation

Build a comprehensive evaluation plan

- Identify patterns of performance and measurement

- Prioritise informed target setting for maximum impact

- Create an action list to drive outcome measurement in your organisation

  • Kevin Riley Managing Director Capital Training College



Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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