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June 6th, 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Understand your obligations under the WHS Act and mitigate psychosocial hazards and risks in your workplace


- Gain a deep understanding of psychosocial hazards and risks in the workplace
- Understand the Work, Health and Safety (WHS) Act, legislation in each State, and obligations for duty holders
- Learn how to conduct psychosocial risk assessments and manage control measures
- Implement psychosocial safety procedures in your organisation and prevent future incidents


Lauren Alexander

Lauren’s passion as a Change Agent stems from a lifelong desire to make a difference in the lives of

others. In January 2019, she co-founded Compita Consulting with her husband, Daniel, opting to

leave over 10 years of teaching to complement Daniel’s skills and expertise in Work Health and

Safety (WHS) in the Government sectors. In March 2022, she completed her Certificate IV in WHS

with a vision of diversifying Compita Consulting to become a one-stop shop for managing physical

and psychological hazards in the workplace, and this is when her role as Psychosocial Change Agent

was born. Most recently, Lauren has assisted the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) with

critical WHS matters, demonstrating her working knowledge of WHS Legislation. She is currently

undertaking a Diploma in Positive Psychology and is motivated to work with organisations to foster

positive changes in how they view psychologically safe workplaces.

Company Owner & Psychosocial Change Agent
Compita Consulting Australia


Managing Workplace Psychosocial Risks for Government

06 Jun


Understanding psychosocial hazards in the workplace

- Define the meanings of mental health, psychosocial risks, hazards, and safety

- Understand the direct correlation between mental health and professional success

- Identify common psychosocial hazards and risks at work

- Learn the difference between risk management vs wellbeing promotion

Employer obligations and responsibilities

- Understand the WHS Act and the legislation in each State, Territory and Government


- Identify key regulations and obligations for duty holders

- Learn your codes of practice and psychosocial regulations

- Understand the International standards and guidance material (45001 and 45003)

Learn risk assessments and control measures

- Learn how to conduct psychosocial risk assessments

- Define when a psychosocial risk assessment should be undertaken

- Learn control measures and how to test them

Implementing mitigation plans and measuring outcomes

- Unpack examples of established methods, models, and processes for creating

psychologically healthy workplaces

- Techniques for effective training and supervision

- Understand ISO 45003 – Safety Management System

- Monitoring and evaluating the impact of mitigation strategies

  • Lauren Alexander Company Owner & Psychosocial Change Agent Compita Consulting Australia



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Virtual / Streaming

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