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22nd - 29th, September 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Overcome the challenges of distance with next-level remote leadership skills


- Foster healthy work cultures that transcend geographical obstacles
- Hone sophisticated communication skills to enhance collaboration
- Master strategies to boost productivity and eliminate procrastination


Anna Saunders

An executive coach and mentor, Anna has 25 years of commercial experience as a successful executive in financial services, IT infrastructure and telecommunications businesses across the globe.

Anna has held management and director-level roles in the UK, US, Asia and Australia working with people with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Anna has experienced the thrill of successfully leading major international projects, achieving many business and personal goals and dealing with the unique pressures, demands and uncertainties of senior leadership.


Director & Principal Coach
Leadership Creativity


Cultures and communication
Productivity strategies and leadership frameworks
Leading Remotely - Models for the isolation age

22 Sep - 29 Sep


Building inclusive cultures

One of the biggest challenges of remote working arrangements is maintaining a great working relationship between team members. The experience of collaborating in person is difficult to replicate over online meetings and phone calls. In the current climate, you need to overcome that.

  • Foster healthy working relationships, even across geographical divides
  • Create psychologically safe working environments
  • Adapt your leadership style to the needs of your team’s established cultures

Communication frameworks

Communication is the bedrock of great leadership at the best of times. Now more than ever, skilful communication of critical information is paramount to the success of your team and organisation as a whole. You must deftly assess the information needs of your internal stakeholders, and deploy information via strategically considered mediums and messengers. Learn the art and science of communication.

  • Foster trust through open and transparent communication
  • Right-fit your communication strategy to audience and purpose
  • Create influencers and change agents

  • Anna Saunders Director & Principal Coach Leadership Creativity


Strategies for productivity

Telecommuting presents challenges for productivity, the home environment abundant with unpredictable distractions from work. Experienced telecommuters and remote leaders have refined strategies to overcome these challenges, but with the incredible spike in home-working in recent weeks and likely to continue to rise, you'll need to implement strategies to ensure productivity quickly.

  • Design team routines to reduce procrastination
  • Implement simple and effective reporting protocols to improve accountability
  • Reduce distractions and improve efficient project delivery


Management frameworks for remote leadership

In these uncertain times, it is imperative that leaders have robust governance and risk management protocols in place. The stability these foundations afford you will allow you to focus your attention on the needs of your teams, who will look to you for leadership and support to come through with resilience.

  • Design and create appropriate governance protocols
  • Enable appropriate risk management and mitigation
  • Support the development of resilient leaders

  • Anna Saunders Director & Principal Coach Leadership Creativity


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Virtual / Streaming

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