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27th - 28th, October 2022
Virtual / Streaming

Enhance your effectiveness as a scientific leader in a complex and changing environment


- Develop and refine essential leadership skills
- Learn to communicate with clarity and impact
- Strategies to work effectively with different personality types
- Build process improvement & change management capability


Dr Desley Lodwick

From coding in the 70s to becoming the Managing Director of a global IT company, Desley has had first-hand experience of the challenges women face in leadership roles; the barriers that hold them back and the conditions that create success. Inspirational, purposeful and energetic, she is regularly asked to speak at summits and industry conferences across Australia and internationally. She masterfully connects research and ideas to ease the challenges of work in ways that make a difference.

Having completed a PhD (2016) in leadership development, coaching and cultural change and graduating from the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Desley founded Aberrant Learning ( in response to an increasingly complex social landscape where many of our cultural norms are closely and careful scrutinised and have been found wanting.

Developing mindsets suitable for shifting workplaces to be humanistic, productive, focused and creative communities, Aberrant programs are suitable for when knowledge and training are not enough. Results show up in improved working lives, and collective leadership and organisational cultures that in turn promote healthy bottom lines.

Desley’s Aberrant team is global and eclectic — drawn from many backgrounds and cultures; each experienced in supporting people immersed in the challenges of work in ways that empower and expand wisdom and courage.

Executive Director
Aberrant Learning


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Leadership Skills for Scientists Workshop

27 Oct - 28 Oct

Strengthen leadership skills for sustained operational success

- Understand the big picture in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world

- Understand the difference between technical and adaptive problems

- Adapt your communication skills for leading in a VUCA environment

- Develop the counterintuitive skills needed for dealing with complex challenges/wicked problems/dilemmas


Lead strategic change as a scientific leader 

- Create a vision and learn to guide team culture 

- Collaborate across teams to drive new initiatives and face complex challenges

- Develop your skills for strategy formation and implementation

- Improve the way critical information is delivered, presented and understood


Develop your communication skills to achieve influence

- Understand and adapt to the different ways individuals make sense of the world

- Develop your one-on-one communication skills to improve relationships

- Increase your EQ to better connect and communicate with diverse teams 


Resolve conflict and tackle challenging situations 

- Break down negative perceptions between scientists and technicians to increase workplace harmony

- Strategies to identify and tactically address toxic workplace behaviours 

- Techniques for effective conflict resolution in difficult or complex scenarios

- Navigate challenging scenarios - difficult decision-making in a political environment

  • Dr Desley Lodwick Executive Director Aberrant Learning

Leadership in a STEM organisation

- Explore what is different in a STEM organisation and its implications for how to lead 

- Explore the limitations of personal leadership mastery

- Learn how systems thinking can help with facing resistant and persistent problems

- Facilitate cross-functional communication to break down silos and broaden perspectives




Liaise with key stakeholders

- Communicate information effectively to different stakeholders

- Write scientific reports accommodating different stakeholders’ communication styles

- Collaborate with policy and other external teams to build beneficial partnerships

- Effectively communicate technical outcomes to key non-scientific stakeholders


Becoming deliberately developmental to realise organisational potential

- Understand different sense-making capabilities 

- Gain insight into your immunity to change

- Learn to use errors and vulnerabilities to facilitate personal and organisational growth

- Build team culture and embed support structures into daily fabric of working life


 Drive productivity through engagement and innovation

- Inspire creative thinking and produce new ideas

- Build an environment conducive to innovation and creativity in the workplace

- Identify team motivators to increase productivity and engagement in the laboratory or technical environment

- What is your leadership development action plan?

  • Dr Desley Lodwick Executive Director Aberrant Learning



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Virtual / Streaming

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