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22nd - 29th, September 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Apply the tools of psychology to develop resilient leaders & boost organisational efficacy


- Understand essential psychological principles in the context of workplace leadership & leader-development
- Plan engaging, rewarding, & effective leadership development programs based on the latest insights from adult-learning pedagogies
- Engage executive leaders in a learning culture to boost productivity, improve retention, & enhance team cultures
- Foster psychological safety & reap the rewards of increased creativity & innovation
- Effectively manage change communications with internal & external communities
- Become an effective change sponsor to describe messaging, power & position, resource management & alignment with strategy


Ross Anderson

Combining a long career as a consulting psychologist and holding senior roles in Australian Business Schools, Ross has become an experienced designer, developer and facilitator of a broad range of development initiatives for a large range of organisations. A former Director MBS Mt Eliza executive education with responsibility for the public sector Australia and Pacific region, he has managed large complex change initiatives in Defence, Health, Public Sector and Utilities. He was also responsible for a global project with BHP Billiton. He has developed a deep interest in working with families in business and brings his range of experience to this often complex and challenging area.

Facilitator & Coach
Coaching & Leadership International Pty Ltd


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Leadership Psychology Workshop

22 Sep - 29 Sep


Leadership and change

- Understand the leadership challenges in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments

- Develop leaders to be ‘People focussed leaders’

- Lead with authenticity and resilience during change initiatives

Psychological responses to change

- Understand the nature of stress and trauma

- Anticipate stress and trauma triggers

- Plan to manage stress and trauma in individuals and groups

Organisational change and trauma

- Understand the impact of poor change management on individuals and groups

- Analyse the characteristics of psychologically sound change management strategies

- Design best-practice change management programs

Change and the individual 

- Master self-awareness and self-management

- Manage relationships 

- Connect and support teams

  • Ross Anderson Facilitator & Coach Coaching & Leadership International Pty Ltd


Lead with process-driven approaches

- What does change look like to your organisation?

- Enhance employee loyalty, aligning with organisational goals

- Develop and sustain the involvement of internal and external stakeholders 

Problem-solving to lead your organisation’s change strategy 

- How to ensure everyone understands their role in the change process

- Strategies to break down the barriers to communication

- Negotiation and reframing tools for effective solutions

Drive effectiveness through mentoring and coaching

- The role of the leader in improving staff experience

- Coaching staff for increased performance

Leading for sustainable change - Personal action plan for success

- Strategies to embrace your diverse and inclusive leadership style to move your career forward

- Create an action plan for applying change management best practices

  • Ross Anderson Facilitator & Coach Coaching & Leadership International Pty Ltd


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Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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