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6th - 7th, July 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Begin to build your leadership acumen and identify your pathway for progression


- Identify and develop your capabilities as a confident and successful leader
- Build productive relationships and lead engaged, proficient and capable teams
- Develop strategies for practical, autonomous and effective decision-making
- Develop a personal action plan to unlock your pathway to progression


Julie Alexander

Julie Alexander is a people and business performance strategist, consultant, and the creator of Culture Incorporated. She is passionate about stopping people from having one of “those days” in the office by supercharging teams, unleashing the power of people, and shifting company culture. 

An international executive with over 25 years’ experience working with blue-chip companies like Avis, Lloyds Bank, CommBank, and the British Government, Julie also works with start ups, scale ups and SMEs, unlocking the full potential of passionate people doing their life’s work.

Chief Executive Officer
Changing Change International (CCI)


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Management & Leadership Foundations Workshop

06 Jul - 07 Jul


Maximise your leadership potential 

- Explore the key capabilities, attributes and skills of an effective leader

- Identify your passion, purpose and core values as a leader

- Understand neuroplasticity and its effect on inner performance

- Develop strategies to advocate your value as a leader


Build the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- Gain a deeper understanding of your EQ and identify opportunities for growth

- Explore the impact of your EQ on people and organisational climate

- Embrace the qualities of empathy and EQ to progress yourself as a leader

- Leverage your EQ as a personal strength in the workplace


Master effective and practical decision making

- Understand the neuroscience of intuition and learn to trust your instincts

- Draw on your experience, knowledge and judgement with confidence 

- Develop strategies for dealing with complex issues - Making the ‘right’ decisions 

- Manage emotions and thoughts that weaken the decision-making process


Lead and manage productive and engaged teams

- Capitalise on your technical skills to help develop your leadership competencies

- Leverage your leadership skill to better motivate and engage your team

- Maintain team cohesion, activate engagement and build productive relationships 

- Build team capacity through coaching and performance feedback

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International (CCI)


Master successful change and strategic management 

- Lead in a world of constant change and uncertainty

- Understand problem identification processes and develop problem-solving strategies

- Develop strategies for driving effective transformation through people not process

- Engage, support and influence key stakeholders through times of change


Develop resilience to thrive in times of change

- Identify and monitor changes that impact your work environment 

- Respond to constant uncertainty and ambiguity in the workplace 

- Discover tools for managing stress and burn-out in high pressure situations

- Develop strategies for supporting your team, organisation and stakeholders. 


Build effective stakeholder engagement and management tools

- Identify and meet stakeholder needs and expectations 

- Discover tools for building effective and rewarding relationships with stakeholders

- Develop strategies for negotiating with integrity and confidence 

- Manage stakeholder relationships to achieve key organisation goals


Create an action plan to excel your career and develop as a leader

- Build your professional brand and leadership identity

- Align your leadership strength with the expectations of your organisation

- Establish a leadership mindset that will accelerate your career development

- Develop a personal action plan to unlock your pathway to progression 

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International (CCI)



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Virtual / Streaming

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