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9th - 30th, June 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Develop executive leadership presence and thrive during uncertainty


- Develop core leadership quadrants for executive success
- Maximise executive leadership presence
- Navigate the ‘new normal’ and changing nature of work
- Make informed, data-driven decisions


Dr Karen Whittingham

Karen is one of Australia’s leading executive management development specialists who has worked with thousands of executives to transition them into senior leadership roles quickly and effectively. She is an Organisational Psychologist passionate about people’s success and facilitating their careers to rise. She teaches Organisational psychology at UNSW and works with ASX listed companies and large public sector organisations to drive engagement, inclusion and performance.

Impact Psychology Pty Ltd


Module One
Module Two
Module Three
Module Four
Executive Leadership & Senior Management Intensive

09 Jun - 30 Jun


Strategic Leadership & Senior Stakeholders

- Develop executive leadership presence 

- Explore the latest models and principles for strategic leadership

- Learn to act strategically and allocate resources effectively

- Apply strategic leadership principles in a high pressure, uncertain environment

- Manage stakeholder dynamics and manage corporate politics

- Influence up and across senior teams with impact

- Unpack your division's unique value proposition

  • Dr Karen Whittingham Director Impact Psychology Pty Ltd


Change, Innovation & Creativity

- Explore the ‘new normal’ and changing nature of work

- Consider the impact of COVID and how to navigate economic aftermath

- Apply a Design Thinking approach to innovation

- Tools for generating innovative ideas and fostering creativity in your teams

- Tools to link innovation with strategy implementation

- Improve decision making in times of complexity and uncertainty

- Build resilient and high performing teams aligned with broader business strategy

  • Dr Karen Whittingham Director Impact Psychology Pty Ltd


Culture & Performance

- Influence mindsets, beliefs and behaviours

- Drive vision, values and visibility in culture transformation

- Be the role model for behaviour you want to inspire in others and leverage discretionary effort

- Learn how to create a ‘trust bank’ and generate sustainable high performance

- Influence your peers with your personal brand

- Refine your managerial impact to positively engage your team and key stakeholders

  • Dr Karen Whittingham Director Impact Psychology Pty Ltd


Business, Risk & Agility

- Locate and assess value streams through a strategic lens

- Diagnose and proactively manage complex business and economic challenges

- Assess risk effectively and make informed business decisions

- Understand the environmental context of making your business team agile

- Make informed financial decisions and provide critical guidance

- Use Appreciative Inquiry to extract greater value from your existing processes

- Create a leadership action plan to address your strategic challenges

  • Dr Karen Whittingham Director Impact Psychology Pty Ltd



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