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18th - 19th, June 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Driving strategy execution & performance


Kevin Riley

Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in financial and performance management and budgeting. This includes working with Treasury and Finance departments in the Commonwealth and across all Territory and State jurisdictions. Kevin is a Fellow with both Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and CPA Australia. He is also a Qualified Accountant with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK). 

Managing Director
Capital Training College


- Apply KPIs to planning & performance frameworks, transformational strategy development & execution
- Create linkages between strategic & operational performance reporting
- Explore how to cascade KPIs across your organisation
- Learn how KPIs can be utilised to measure, analyse & drive performance
- How to integrate improvement into your organisation & communicate the change to stakeholders
- Human-centred design
- Learn effective & impactful visualisation
- Leverage your existing performance management systems
- Optimise overall KPI systems for comprehensive performance impact
- How to influence stakeholders to gain buy-in for new tools & methodologies


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
KPIs, Scorecards & Dashboards Workshop

18 Jun - 19 Jun

Designing a fit-for-purpose performance framework

- Common elements of performance frameworks

- Integrating the performance framework with organisational strategy setting and planning processes

- Identifying the strategic drivers of financial and non-financial performance

- Considering the human factors that will affect the design and implementation of performance frameworks


Activity - Evaluating examples of performance framework models


Crafting organisational strategic objectives and outcomes

- Testing strategic planning and external environmental scanning tools

- Testing strategic internal capability assessment tools

- Linking strategic objectives and strategic capabilities to the perspectives of success

- Building a strategy map to communicate the strategy – simply and visually

- Identifying strategic risks and relating them to strategic indicators of success


Scenario - Applying the techniques to develop a strategy map


Creating performance measures and KPIs that drive strategy execution

- Identify the principle obstacles to effective strategy execution

- Determine how to overcome those obstacles

- Develop a laser-like focus on what is most important

- Act on the leading behaviours to achieve the lagging measures and KPIs

- Define what a culture of accountability looks like


Activity - Common challenges experienced in implementation and strategy execution


Utilising scorecards, dashboards, measures and KPIs to drive strategic success

- The role of scorecards, dashboards, measures and KPIs

- What makes a compelling scorecard or dashboard?

- Using scorecards and dashboards to have performance conversations

- How do we overcome the fear of non-performance?


Activity - Reviewing examples of scorecards and dashboards: What do we like? What might we adopt? What could we improve?

  • Kevin Riley Managing Director Capital Training College

Developing and selecting effective and meaningful measures and KPIs

- Fundamentals of measures and KPI selection

- Selecting relevant measures and KPIs that focus on what is most important

- Common finance KPIs utilised in organisations – public, private and not-for-profit

- Common non-financial measures and KPIs utilised in organisations – public, private and not-for-profit

- Connecting KPIs to employee performance management processes

Scenario - Create a strategic scorecard

Presenting data and information in visually attractive and informative ways

- Dealing with data volume, velocity, richness and integrity

- Understanding the numbers – The critical math behind statistics, scale and percentages

- Consider the most appropriate visualisation – presentation mode, frequency, legibility, colour, scale and context

- Assessing the fundamental performance reporting tools enabling analysis and evaluation

Scenario - Designing a dashboard for decision-making

Cascading KPIs across the organisation

- Distinguishing between operational and ‘busy-ness as usual’ measures and KPIs, and strategically focused measures and KPIs

- Focusing on what is worth measuring

- Ensuring strategically important measures and KPIs are aligned and integrated across business units

- Involving stakeholders in the process and facilitating effective performance conversations

- Examine how software tools assist in cascading and linking performance measures and KPIs

Scenario - Effectively cascading measures and KPIs across an organisation

Optimising the use measures and KPI for real performance impact

- Having a clear picture of where we are heading - an overview of what a mature measures and KPIs system looks like – and how we get to the right level of maturity

- Building a high-performance culture - demonstrating real accountability for performance

- Generating organisational buy-in for real performance planning, reporting and improvement

- Using the performance reporting of measures and KPIs to drive change and improvement in the organisation

  • Kevin Riley Managing Director Capital Training College


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Virtual / Streaming

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