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25th - 26th, February 2020
Sydney, AU

Key strategies for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander leaders to achieve personal, professional & community success


Mel Brown

Melinda Brown is a Ngunnawal woman who now resides in the Northern Rivers Bundjalung Nation and has a Master’s in Indigenous Healing and Trauma. She started her career in child protection and has 10 years’ experience in the field, including managing the Aboriginal Child Protection Unit in ACT.

Mel Brown is the Director of Spirit Dreaming Pty Ltd. She is an experienced Aboriginal Cultural Trainer and Lateral Violence Expert. She develops and delivers a range of workshops for government, non-government organisations and corporate businesses.

Chief Executive Officer
Spirit Dreaming Australia


- Learn to lead effectively & authentically
- Infuse cultural values into your corporate role
- Enhance self-awareness & lead with resilience
- Take ownership of your career


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Indigenous Women's Leadership Workshop

25 Feb - 26 Feb

Maintaining culture to unlock your leadership potential

- Understanding your country and culture in contemporary Australia

- Balance the commitments of community, career and character

- The importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female leaders to community


Individual strengths and areas for growth

- Examine your leadership traits and how to apply them

- Understand where your strengths fit within your community or organisation

- Recognise growth areas and how to reinforce your skills


The importance of authentic leadership and being true to yourself

- The role authenticity plays in effectively leading a team

- Advocate for yourself and develop your leadership identity


Understand and align your cultural and corporate responsibilities

- Be present in all aspects of your life

- Confidently incorporate your personal journey

- Remain genuine to your true self

  • Mel Brown Chief Executive Officer Spirit Dreaming Australia

When cultures clash and how this can impact you

- Juggling corporate and traditional cultures

- Understand how your communication styles impact your life

- The art of mindfulness


Develop effective tools to communicate your values

- Understand your personal and professional needs

- Effectively present your values and negotiate your needs with your organisation

- Handling difficult conversations with staff or community members


The importance of resilience and confidence for leaders

- Strategies on how to work with people who have differing values to yourself

- Dealing with disappointment and setbacks throughout your career

- Identify stress triggers and how to avoid them


Embrace and master your emotions

- Understand the role emotions play in leadership

- Recognise when to lead with emotion and when not to

- Consider the impact of decisions on others

  • Mel Brown Chief Executive Officer Spirit Dreaming Australia


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