Indigenous Women's Leadership Workshop

Key strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders to achieve personal, professional and community success

  • February 27th - 28th, 2019
  • Cliftons Perth


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- Learn to lead effectively and authentically 
- Develop positive communication skills 
- Understand and align your cultural and corporate responsibilities 
- Develop effective tools to communicate your values 


Christine Coyne

Christine has been providing specialist Aboriginal Engagement Services in a career spanning over 32 years. This includes the delivery of both Aboriginal Cultural Awareness and Mentoring Workshops. Christine has worked with a range of clients involved in major construction projects, mining, oil and gas and a broad range of industry sectors and groups.

Christine is recognised as specialist in this area. The past 22 years Christine has worked exclusively within the private sector for some of the country’s major employers.

Aboriginal Affairs Consultant
Christine Coyne & Associates


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Download the brochure
Day One - 27th February 2019
Day Two - 28th February 2019
Indigenous Women's Leadership Workshop - 27 Feb


Understanding company culture and employer expectations

- Increase knowledge of company structures and processes

- Identify linkages to Aboriginal Engagement Plans, RAPs and Diversity and Inclusion

- Discuss and explore company expectations of employees

- Develop strategies to manage work, family and community obligations

Intercultural communication

- Provide an overview of considerations and barriers that apply to intercultural communication

- Explore perceptions from both an Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal perspective

- Cultivate awareness of personal attitudes, beliefs and expectations in the workplace and how this “may” impact on, or differ from, others

- Explore strategies to overcome communication across cultures and the ability to have appropriate conversations

Team building and goal setting

- Understand the benefits of working in a team and the role of individuals in a large work team

- How goal setting can assist you to maintain your employment, achieve your career progression and personal goals

- Principles and value of business mentor/mentee relationship and how this will benefit both your working relationships and personal development

Strategies for working across culture

- Developing networking and influencing skills to build relationships with other Indigenous staff, work teams and managers

- Develop the tools to communicate your values, build confidence to ask questions, consult and collaborate

- Juggling the corporate and cultural aspects of personal and professional life

  • Christine Coyne Aboriginal Affairs Consultant Christine Coyne & Associates


Maintaining culture to unlock your leadership potential

- Understanding your country and culture in contemporary Australia

- Balancing the commitments of community, career and character

- The importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female leaders to community

Individual strengths and areas for growth

- Examining your leadership traits and how to apply them

- Understanding where your strengths fit within your community or organisation

- Recognising growth areas and how to reinforce your skills

The importance of authentic leadership and being true to yourself

- The role authenticity plays in effectively leading a team

- Advocating for yourself and developing your leadership identity

Understand and align your cultural and corporate responsibilities

- Be present in all aspects of your life

- Confidently incorporate your personal journey

- Remain genuine to your true self   

  • Christine Coyne Aboriginal Affairs Consultant Christine Coyne & Associates


Cliftons Perth

Parmelia House 191 St Georges Tce, Perth, WA, 6000, Australia

08 9480 0999

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