Indigenous Engagement & Career Advancement Workshop

Developing career pathways, supportive training, tools & strategies to facilitate recruitment, retention & engagement of Indigenous talent in your organisation

  • November 6th - 7th, 2019
  • Cliftons Brisbane


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- Explore exclusion to inclusion in Australia
- Recruitment strategies & pre-employment training
- Tools & strategies to create a culturally safe workplace
- Normalising diversity & inclusion into your organisation’s DNA


John Briggs

With more than 25 years’ experience, John Briggs is passionate about Indigenous culture, inclusion, employment and engagement. He assists organisations to be better equipped and confident in these areas. Central to his style and service delivery are the fundamental principles of creating culturally safe learning environments and establishing trust. John Briggs is a collaborative networker and genuine expert in his field of professional speaking and facilitation. He has delivered well over 700 sessions in the last seven years, across the mining, banking, retail, early years and education sectors. 

John Briggs Consultancy


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Indigenous Engagement & Career Advancement Workshop

06 Nov - 07 Nov


Starting the conversation: Exploring exclusion to inclusion in Australia

- How does your role fit into your business and into the larger discourse?

- Understanding why Australia is targeting Indigenous inclusion through employment and procurement process

- Familiarity with RAP, strategy and Indigenous Procurement Policy - Commonwealth, State and Local

Explore the maturity of your organisation’s Indigenous engagement program

- Understand your organisation’s business imperative and how it is working to meet requirements

- Treating targets as a starting point for the conversation (including targets informed by the IPP)

- Normalising diversity and inclusion into your organisation’s DNA

Recruitment strategies and pre-employment training

- Identify and access the right talent pool for your organisation

- Indigenous media, online and other platforms for engagement

- Choosing culturally appropriate interview and induction environments and processes

Retention and development of Indigenous talent

- Developing culturally appropriate mentoring frameworks

- Secondment opportunities that are effective and yield positive long-term results

- Using technology to support engagement initiatives (delivering training to remote areas)

Creating a culturally safe workplace

- Accentuating and accelerating natural leadership strengths

- Move from understanding to execution, from ‘what’ to ‘how’

- Code-switching to improve cross-cultural communication

  • John Briggs Director John Briggs Consultancy


Tackling unconscious bias with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- Understanding inclusion biases, enablers and blockers

- Identify and develop strategies to handle potential blockers

- Gain buy-in at all organisational levels (including senior executives)

Understanding the impacts of culture on communication, teamwork and business

- Developing executive presence and establishing leadership pathways

- Applying cultural knowledge to improve inclusion and building cultural capital

- Promoting knowledge transfer cross-culturally to accelerate productivity

Exploring community engagement strategies

- Understanding the diversity of Indigenous communities - rural, remote, urban

- Exploring Indigenous governance structures

Getting comfortable with (sometimes) uncomfortable conversations

- Turning supportive processes with good intentions into demonstrative action

- Learning to have conversations that get traction

- Managing personal and professional morale in potentially challenging environments

How do we know when we get there? Going beyond tokenism

- Explore different metrics and measures to track performance

- Learn how to communicate successes to your business and its leaders

- Reflection on core themes and ideas addressed over the two days

- Practical takeaways and action plans to take back to your workplace

  • John Briggs Director John Briggs Consultancy


Cliftons Brisbane

Level 3, 288 Edward Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia

07 3231 0999

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