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19th - 20th, July 2022
Virtual / Streaming

Develop core skills and refine key leadership capabilities to achieve success and excel


- Identify and develop your authentic leadership capabilities
- Build productive relationships and lead proficient, capable teams
- Implement agile and effective change management strategies
- Career planning and pathways in senior HEW roles


Michelle Landy

Michelle is a specialist in Leadership, Change and Communication excellence. She is a highly experienced, facilitator, coach, professional development presenter and a Master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She was a lecturer in Leadership at the University of Technology for fifteen years and in-house trainer and consultant to businesses throughout Australia. With over twenty-five years experience in business and personal growth development and a strong academic background, Michelle’s work helps people make profound change. She has a strong presence in Agribusiness and is a board member at two agricultural businesses in Australia.

Executive Coach
Michelle Landy Communications


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
HEW Levels 7-9 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

19 Jul - 20 Jul


Adopt a strengths-based leadership style

- Expectations and values of Higher Education leadership

- Understand leadership

- Develop the leader in you

Confidence and your leadership capacity

- Gain ‘presence’ through building confidence and self-belief

- Understand your “career brand”

- Building confidence as a leader

People and stakeholder management

- Engage, collaborate and manage stakeholder expectations

- Collaborate with stakeholders

- Communication effectiveness (reacting versus responding)

Communication and presentation skills

- Communication skills to maximise influence

- Develop clarity, assertiveness and passion to increase engagement

- Explore ways to express your ideas and present to others

  • Michelle Landy Executive Coach Michelle Landy Communications


Empower and motivate team performance

- Understand and manage team needs

- Manage different personalities with success

- Become an adaptive communicator

Managing performance and empowering others

- Successful coaching and team development

- Provide both positive and negative feedback without disengaging

- Utilise coaching models for performance management

Managing stress, pressures and change

- Develop resilience to stress and change

- Implement self leadership when under pressure

- Understanding your circle of personal influence

Managing the path ahead

- Practical tips to keep you on track in your career

- Set action goals and daily success rituals

- Be proactive and cultivate a positive mindset

  • Michelle Landy Executive Coach Michelle Landy Communications



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Virtual / Streaming

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