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April 22nd, 2020
Wellington, NZ

Strategies to strengthen engagement & achieve buy-in for business improvement


Gaylene Hughes

Gaylene has an extremely diverse business and professional background. She has owned and operated her own financial consulting business for over 25 years, working with numerous organisations within both the public, not-for-profit and private sectors. A business coach since 2002, Gaylene has the ability to identify where opportunities lie within a business and to improve its long-term performance, helping to simplify and systemise processes and procedures. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion coupled with her straight forward and warm speaking style are sure to keep you on track.

Director & Business Coach
JDI Business Coaching


- Address challenges created by operational silos within your organisation
- Discuss strategies that will reduce costs & maximise efficiency
- Become a business partner & trusted source of advice
- Create a value proposition that will drive organisational buy-in
- Tools & techniques to generate proactive cross-functional communication
- Foster business acumen & financial awareness across the organisation
- Establish processes & procedures that will assist in organisational investment decision making
- Utilise effective communication channels to share critical finance information
- Grow capability in non-finance employees that will result in more efficient & consistent processes


Finance Professionals Stakeholder Engagement & Communication Workshop

22 Apr

Communicating finance effectively to gain organisational buy-in

- Create a value proposition - illustrate how accurate use of protocol can drive value and results

- Establish the importance of efficient finance operations and the link to achieving consistent results

- Instilling change - gaining senior-level advocacy to drive transformation 

Develop a successful finance process to increase efficiency

- How to identify pitfalls of current practices to assist in reviewing or renewing a finance strategy

- Controlling expenditure - create comprehensive finance procedures that will drive down costs and improve organisational performance

- Utilise Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) and analytics effectively to manage risk and seize opportunities 

Establish cross-functional communications to improve finance outcomes

- Identify tools and techniques that will increase engagement between senior management and finance teams

- Utilise communication channels to improve the way critical information is delivered, presented and understood

- Effectively engage and support internal stakeholders during change 

Translating financial procedures and terminology - educating non-finance staff

- Embedding finance consciousness - improve financial awareness and business acumen of others

- How to grow capability and efficiency among existing and new employees

- Communicate major financial terminology and processes to improve financial acumen

  • Gaylene Hughes Director & Business Coach JDI Business Coaching


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