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February 10th, 2022
Virtual / Streaming

Finance foundations for better informed decisions to support your organisation's strategic goals


- Understand and appreciate the value of developing and applying financial management tools and acumen
- Develop a good grasp of financial levers, budgeting processes, performance indicators and financial statements/reports
- Increase your confidence and credibility in contributing to finance discussions and strategy
- Achieve more positive engagement with finance departments to deliver better performance outcomes


Lindsay Dewberry

Lindsay Dewberry is the Principal of Panache Training & Consulting Pty Ltd and is involved in the development and delivery of training programs across workplace and academic environments. 

After completing an economics degree at Monash University, Lindsay worked for more than 30 years in the financial services industry, where he held a variety of senior accounting and management roles while also completing a post graduate qualification in accounting. 

A long standing CPA in his own right, Lindsay commenced his consulting business in 2000 and has gained significant expertise in the areas of performance measurement and external accounting. His experiences span many of the services industries, federal, state and local governments, higher education, not for profit and manufacturing sectors, with a significant client base across both large and small organisations.

Panache Training and Consulting Pty Ltd


Workshop Day One
Finance for Non-Finance Professionals Workshop

10 Feb


Understanding accounting and finance terminology and theory

- Understanding the difference between management and financial accounting

- Cash versus accrual accounting

Financial statement analysis

- What is financial statement analysis and why it is an essential tool for any senior manager

- Understand and analyse the 3 major financial statements:

- Income statement (statement of financial performance)

- Balance sheet (statement of financial position)

- Cash flow statements (financial analysis of a business)

- Ratio analysis, including consideration of a range of profitability, liquidity and long-term stability ratios

Budgeting, planning and cost management essentials

- Understanding the source (direct and indirect) and behaviour (fixed/variable) of costs

- Reviewing planning cycles and how budgeting fits in

- The key steps in budget preparation

- Forecasting techniques, performance reporting and variance analysis

- Monitoring and control processes

Overview of capital investment decision making

- How owners and managers financially analyse capital expenditure including return on investment

- Payback period, discounted cash flow – DCF; NPV, IRR; time value of money

- Important factors to take into account in a lease versus buy decision

Bringing it all together

- Financial management in the workplace

- Implementing lessons learned in the day to day operation of the organisation

- Embedding financial acumen: Improving the financial awareness of others

  • Lindsay Dewberry Principal Panache Training and Consulting Pty Ltd



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