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4th - 5th, July 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Essential skills to effectively manage finance and resources, make the right decisions and drive performance


- The language of business: Understanding key finance concepts and principles
- Learn to analyse and interpret financial statements to drive performance
- Going from HERE to THERE: Forecasting, budgeting and planning
- Adopt a finance mindset and build your team's financial capabilities


Chinmay Ananda

An acclaimed finance educator, professional trainer, and globally recognised expert on business finance.

His finance programs are accredited by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA), Australia, and taught to MBA students in Australia, at RMIT, Ducere Global School of Business and Insight Academy of Entrepreneurship. 

Financial Educator
Behife Analytics Pvt Ltd


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Finance & Business Skills for Managers & Leaders

04 Jul - 05 Jul


Speaking the language of business

- Define the key three organisational business types

- Understand the four types of financial transactions

- Examine how every role in an organisation is fundamentally a finance role

- Unpack the differences between finance and accounting; credit and debit; revenue and profit


Analysing financial statements

- Learn to read a profit and loss (P&L) statement

- Understand a balance sheet

- Interpret a cash-flow statement


Ratio analysis and financial health check

- Unpack the 19 key financial ratios in a typical organisation

- Fundamentals for conducting a financial health check for an organisation


Efficiently managing resources

- Understand and calculate the break-even point

- Define and explore the ‘cash-to-cash’ cycle

- Understand performing v/s non-performing assets, fixed costs v/s variable costs and other crucial performance indicators

  • Chinmay Ananda Financial Educator Behife Analytics Pvt Ltd


Effective financial management principles

- Define the five common organisational finance mistakes (with case studies)

- What to do and what not to do

- Learn to be proactive, rather than busy firefighting


Building your team’s financial capabilities

- Strategies to organise and direct business growth

- Hold capacity for innovation

- How to implement a financial plan


Forecasting, budgeting and planning

- How to take your organisation from HERE to THERE

- Forecasting – Where should we go?

- Budgeting – What is required to go there?

- Planning – How to get there?


Project funding and capital budgeting

- Understand different sources of funding

- Analyse and project future cash flow of new projects to determine future investments

- Learn to think like an intrapreneur

  • Chinmay Ananda Financial Educator Behife Analytics Pvt Ltd



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