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5th - 6th, April 2022
Virtual / Streaming

Rapidly evolve the capability of finance professionals and optimise leadership effectiveness


- Expectations and values of finance and accounting professionals
- Transition from technical expert to valued finance business partner
- Explore the emerging power of big data and analytics
- Lead and manage finance teams for peak performance


Kevin Riley

Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in financial and performance management and budgeting. This includes working with Treasury and Finance departments in the Commonwealth and across all Territory and State jurisdictions. Kevin is a Fellow with both Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and CPA Australia. He is also a Qualified Accountant with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK). 

Managing Director
Capital Training College


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Finance & Accounting Professionals High Performance & Leadership Workshop

05 Apr - 06 Apr


From ledger to leader - Finance leadership foundations 

- Characteristics of the valued finance business partner

- Leadership concepts and practical skills for building leadership capability 

- Making finance leadership work tactically, strategically and practically 

- Transition from subject matter expert to valued finance business partner


Finance as a true business partner - Leveraging the finance value chain

- Develop a strategic direction and perspective as a finance leader

- Understanding the strategic direction of your organisation

- Explore the emerging power of big data and analytics

- Strategically focused financial and business process analysis tools


Skills for adaptive finance leaders

- Different leadership models and practical approaches in a finance context

- Understand the distinction between technical and adaptive challenges

- Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and how to rely on and contribute to others 

- Develop emotional competence, founded on the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) model


Collaboration, influential communication and reporting

- Understand effective communication and how to tailor your approach to different audiences

- Constructive interactions with others - when to ask vs. when to tell, develop listening skills

- Build strong working relations with others, including people who ‘tick’ differently

- Identifying the attributes of effective written and verbal reports

  • Kevin Riley Managing Director Capital Training College


Provide insightful commentary through well-developed analysis and evaluation

- What does good analysis and evaluation look like?

- How can you add value through good analysis and evaluation?


People management in the context of finance practice 

- Manage finance teams, retain and grow talent through effective people management skills 

- Building trust-based relationships with internal and external stakeholders 

- Focus on individual and team performance to deliver results 

- Empower finance teams to reach their highest potential 

Stakeholder management and engagement

- Nurture strong internal and external relationships

- Manage competing agendas, tight timeframes, organisational changes, and confidentiality  

- Technical methods to support strategic engagement, stakeholder mapping/analysis and boundary spanning


Interactive Discussion Module: Turning Insights into Action

- How to translate broad leadership tools and tactics into practical, personalised result

- Personalising the path to leadership, go your own way

- Setbacks and step-ups: Two sides of the same coin

  • Kevin Riley Managing Director Capital Training College



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Virtual / Streaming

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