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25th - 26th, May 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Lead your firm with vision, resilience, and authority


James Fletcher

James Fletcher is the Managing Director at Alta Pete Consulting, providing consulting, training, and coaching to organisations and their leaders across public, private, and NFP sector, including Big 4 banks and international professional services agencies. A wide range of legal executives from top-tier to boutique firms have benefited from his expertise and insight. He has worked with law professionals in firms and in-house legal teams to define and execute strategic vision and grow as leaders.

James' specialties include adaptive leadership, leading in a VUCA environment, leading change, and building productive and healthy workplace cultures. He has worked with organisations with thousands of staff to grow and evolve businesses.

Managing Director
Alta Pete Consulting


- Explore new approaches to law firm leadership and operations
- Build strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect to gain buy-in
- Analyse informal power dynamics and navigate complex political environments with ease
- Identify and harness your authentic leadership style to connect and communicate meaningfully with your teams and partners
- Explore innovative alternatives to partnership structures to create agile, efficient firms
- Balance law practice and leadership responsibilities
- Maintain professional acuity and credibility throughout your leadership career


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Executive Leadership in Law Firms

25 May - 26 May

Foster a healthy culture and boost morale

- Foster a psychologically safe workplace through self-care practices

- Maintain appropriate boundaries while remaining approachable

- Create a positive work environment to encourage professional relationships to flourish

Firm dynamics of power and influence

- Analyse and navigate circles of influence 

- Understand and identify informal authority 

- Establish your credibility and inspire confidence in your leadership

Authentic leadership for lasting engagement

- Make meaningful connections with your team through openness

- Inspire loyalty and boost work ethic through the power of empathy

- Encourage authenticity in your teams to improve client relations

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for team development

- Understand the impact of stress on performance to implement stress-reduction strategies

- Identify different learning and conversation styles, and adapt accordingly

- Analyse your leadership style and make a plan to evolve your EQ

  • James Fletcher Managing Director Alta Pete Consulting

New approaches to firm operations

- Analyse the challenges partnership structures present to leaders

- Develop strategies to encourage agility in a flat executive structure

- Explore alternatives to traditional leadership structures in law firms

Strike the legal leadership balance

- Manage your time to satisfy your love of law and your leadership responsibilities

- Maintain clear boundaries to allow you to excel in both roles

- Promote the business value of leadership in your firm

Change leadership in legacy organisations

- Inspire an appetite for change in your team

- Analyse resistance to change and overcome it

- Establish a clear and efficient communication strategy to navigate change

Your professional standing - technical expertise and leadership

- Maintain professional credibility as you evolve as a leader

- Keep your skills sharp even as you reduce practice to lead

- Identify and harness opportunities to remain present in the core business of the firm

  • James Fletcher Managing Director Alta Pete Consulting



Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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