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April 30th, 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Ensuring productivity and overcome remote working challenges


- Develop and refine remote communication preferences, frameworks and hierarchies
- Optimise time with your executive to gain full engagement during times of high pressure
- Build frameworks for effectively managing high volume workloads remotely
- Combat isolation and burn-out, and maintain work-life balance


Liz Van Vliet

Liz is a certified Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Podcast Host. Her business ‘Being Indispensable’ aims to create content that interest you, content that inspire you and contents that helps you not only survive but thrive as an executive assistant, personal assistant or whatever sort of assistant you describe yourself as. Liz generates “aha” moments. Inspiring, encouraging, motivating and empowering, Liz will educate, inform and help you to develop the skills to reach your full potential.

Founder & CEO
My EA Career


Essential Skills for Remote EAs
Essential Skills for Remote EAs

30 Apr


In this full-day, interactive, virtual workshop, Podcast Host and Executive Coach, Liz Van Vliet will walk you through how to craft your daily schedule for peak productivity and optimise time with your executive for full engagement during times of high pressure. You’ll learn how to collaborate with remote coworkers, how to use virtual meetings and catch-ups productively, and gain advice for adapting your working relationship with your executive/s to suit both your needs. 


Setting schedules, structures and boundaries 

- Set clear expectations around availability and turnaround times

- Structure your day for peak productivity and performance

- Tackle task uncertainty and develop strategies to limit distraction


Communication and connectivity to foster collaborative relationships

- Collaborate with your executive to develop remote communication preferences and frameworks

- Optimise time with your executive to gain full engagement during times of high pressure

- Develop the ability to build rapport and maintain relationships whilst working from home


Resilience through periods of uncertainty and ambiguity

- Develop emotional resilience to maintain composure during times of conflict

- Project empathy and remain in control of unfolding situations remotely

- Build frameworks for effectively managing high level and high volume workloads from home


Ensure mental wellbeing and seek support 

- Understand work-life balance and how to maintain it while working remotely 

- Build strategies for combating feelings of isolation and burnout 

- Schedule regular catch-ups, ask for support and stay connected

  • Liz Van Vliet Founder & CEO My EA Career


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