Employee Engagement Summit

Optimise employee experience for organisational success

  • May 28th - 31st, 2019
  • Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour


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- Optimise processes to boost employee engagement
- Explore best-practice strategies to inspire productivity & efficiency
- Connect organisational values with a purposeful culture
- Establish a committed & passionate workforce


Christine Brotherton

Christine joined Perpetual Guardian in January 2016 as Head of People and Capability. Christine is responsible for the development and implementation of HR strategies, including recruitment, organisational culture, employment relations and talent management. She has over 15 years of HR experience in New Zealand and overseas and has previously worked in financial services, investment banking and professional services organisations.

Head of People and Capability
Perpetual Guardian

  • Ryan Ghisi
    General Manager, Global People Programs
  • Josh Wilkinson
    Head of Culture and Capability
    Trade Me
  • Evelyn Ross
    Chief People Officer
    The Warehouse
  • Jo Kearins
    General Manager Culture Revolution
    Contact Energy


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Download the brochure
Managing a multi-generational workforce
The next level of engagement
Cultural change in diversity & inclusion
Don't measure it unless you're going to change it
If culture comes first, engagement will follow
The ultimate employee engagement
Enable the employee voice
Create opportunities for growth
Where to go next? The 4-day work week
Exploring the employee experience
Impressive ROI for engagement
The effects of change management
Why play, purpose and potential are key differentiators
Build a platform for engagement
Ignite motivation through change
Pre-Summit Workshop - 28 May


Generational variety is one of the many aspects of a diverse and inclusive workforce, so you must know how to unite different age brackets. To reap the rewards of diversity, you must know how to lead effectively and motivate every generation.

In this workshop, Jan will explore 4 key areas that will help your organisation to enhance its effectiveness. Learn strategies on bringing multiple generations together and tap into the individual talents and skills of each and every employee.

The difference in values and culture of the different age brackets 

- Demonstrate value for each group 

- Encourage collaborative working

- Accommodate personal needs and aspirations

 Identify millennial's as change agents 

-Channel meaningful work for all generations 

-Empower employees to challenge processes 

-Foster innovation to take the next leap 

 Break down generational ‘silos’

-Enable cross-generational mentoring

-Create a unified vision 

-Understand communication differences 

Create an efficient and inclusive workplace culture

-Flexible working arrangements 

-Implement effective feedback systems 

-Create space for knowledge sharing 

Summit Day 1 - 29 May

Case Study

Transforming organisational culture requires a deeper understanding of the business and what drives individual engagement. Discover how to optimise the employee experience and remodel business culture.

- Engagement for success

- Identify the unique drivers of your organisation

- The next steps for your strategic plan

  • Jo Kearins General Manager Culture Revolution Contact Energy

Case Study

Alan will share how he created a diverse and inclusive culture. You'll learn how to sharpen your focus on the behavioural aspects of your workforce.

- Strategies to engage a distributed workforce

- Why an inclusive workforce improves engagement

- Reflections from an experienced professional

  • Alan Cassidy Principal Advisor Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Case Study

Michelle will discuss the influences of culture and leadership for enhanced engagement. You'll learn how to measure engagement rates and use this data to create a practical plan.

- The role of culture and leadership for engagement

- Create a measurable action plan

- Underlying engagement drivers to consider

  • Michelle Kershaw Head of Culture and Capability 2degrees

Case Study

Identifying culture gaps will ensure your organisation reaches its potential. Paul will touch on the initiatives he and his team have rolled out, and the aspects they have focused on to become a thriving organisation.

- Build a constructive organisational culture

- Contribute to a positive employee experience

- Create an effective communication platform

  • Paul O'Flaherty Executive Director, Human Resources University of Canterbury


To enhance the employee experience, you must first unpack what spurs people to succeed. Explore the challenges of the modern workforce and gain solutions for turning obstacles into opportunities.

- Connect a team with different shift patterns

- Adapt to a multi-generational workforce

- Navigate challenges

  • Josh Wilkinson Head of Culture and Capability Trade Me

  • Evelyn Ross Chief People Officer The Warehouse

  • Wendy Hammonds GM People & Capability Foodstuffs North Island

  • Martin Nichols Head of Culture & Capability Coca-Cola Amatil

  • Lauren Lau Head of Corporate Communications & Events Westpac New Zealand Limited

  • Clare Parkes Head of OD, Change, Culture & Talent Countdown

Case Study

When you give employees a voice, you unlock innovation and productivity. Hear how you can leverage this strategy to make strides toward success.

- Implement initiatives to enable employee voice for effective influence

- Identify solutions to channel effective communication throughout the organisation

- Focus on transparent and radical transparency in an inclusive manner

  • Jacky McManus Director, HR Operations Unitec Institute of Technology

Expert Commentary

Employees perform best when their environment is conducive to growth. Julie will share strategies for motivating your team to achieve incredible results.

- Empower and engage your team

- Set your team up for success

- Listen, encourage and inspire

Summit Day 2 - 30 May

Case Study

The 4-day work week has been trailed and implemented, but where do we go from here? Christine will explore what worked, where the initiative has led them and what they could have done differently.

- Lessons from the global "4-day work week" initiative

- Looking forward - where can we go from here?

- Develop a workable model for your organisation

  • Christine Brotherton Head of People and Capability Perpetual Guardian

Case Study

The employee experience can differentiate your organisation and enable a thriving engagement culture. Ryan will identify the ongoing initiatives at Xero and how they have achieved incredible results.

- Track progress through effective feedback

- "You told us, we listened" - enabling the employee voice

- Flexibility as an expectation, not a benefit

  • Ryan Ghisi General Manager, Global People Programs Xero


The attitude of leaders reflects the strength of engagement levels. The leadership challenge lies in generating an impressive return of investment for the organisation.

- Strategies for leadership buy-in

- Measure your ROI

- Design an effective engagement strategy

  • Rachel Wells Head of People & Culture Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

  • Bronwyn Hall Head of Business Partnering & People Operations Auckland Council

  • Annette Highnam Centre of Expertise Lead Datacom

  • Wendy Hammonds GM People & Capability Foodstuffs North Island

Expert Commentary

Change is inevitable, so developing a team armoured with the ability to manage unprecedented change will ensure success. This session will equip you with reliable strategies for enhanced engagement.

- Practical takeaways on how to stretch and challenge your team

- Strategies to steer past obstacles, build momentum and muscle through tough times

- Learn how to motivate, influence and lead

Case Study

Ensuring you don’t suffer from initiative overload, and that your organisation is clear on common goals, will guarantee success. Sarah will share a research-based framework to help you prioritise, organise and communicate clearly.

- Succinct communication channels

- Develop a framework to suit your organisation's structure

- Prioritise what matters to your leaders and workforce

  • Sarah Able Head of Culture & Change The Co-operative Bank


Create a strategy that aligns with your organisation's mission and optimises your employee experience. You'll also get the chance to reflect on takeaways and develop a plan for a flourishing future.

- Champion initiatives to benefit your workforce 

- Forward thinking for the workplace of the future 

- Build a culture of success

Post-Summit Workshop - 31 May


Change can shift the dynamic of your organisation and the engagement level of your workforce. Gain strategies for motivating your workforce and discover how turbulence impacts employee engagement.

Learn crucial techniques in maximizing engagement through times of change, and growth with this interactive one - day workshop.

Assess the impact of change on employee engagement

-Plan initiatives that won't disrupt your team

-Integrate new processes

-Gain organisational buy-in

The importance of control, career, capability, & connection

-Develop & sustain a connected workforce

- Higher levels of productive work behaviors

- Address the key barriers to an engaged team

Discover how to tailor strategies to suit your workforce

-Understand the drivers of your team

-Implement suitable initiatives 

-Prioritize importance

Create a connected & resilient team

- Establish a culture of sustainable engagement

- Prepare for unprecedented changes 

-Set expectations to eliminate disengagement 


Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour

Auckland, New Zealand

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