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June 15th, 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Understand logical connections between ideas to make better decisions


- Strategies to increase capacity for logical thinking
- The fastest methods to complex reasoning problems
- Tools to shut off own skewed opinions and focus on proven information
- Practical Application - what you can do with logic and reasoning in a professional context


Bethan Winn

Bethan Winn is an experienced educator, facilitator, coach and speaker specialising in critical and creative thinking, communication skills and community building. Her experience spans all ages, sectors and industries, but she always brings her interactive, pacy facilitation; warm, playful attitude and depth of knowledge to any learning experience she facilitates, to ensure learning is enjoyable as well as challenging and valuable. Providing evidence-based research, practical tools and time to apply the learning and action plan in-session, participants are left with clarity, confidence and a toolkit to think better, communicate effectively and take action in their work and home life. 

Critical Thinking Facilitator, Consultant and Coach
Bethan Winn - Critical Thinking


Effective Decision Making Toolkit

15 Jun


Understanding logic and reasoning

- Explore and apply key concepts in logical thinking

- Deductive reasoning vs inductive reasoning 

- Understand the importance of critical thinking in reasoning

- Identify obstacles to logical thinking 

Develop the habit of questioning

- Hone your questioning skills and use them to your advantage 

- Effectively distinguish between facts and interpretations - Check the validity 

- Learn to avoid questions that cast judgement rather than ideas 

Create a strategy - Logical reasoning in practice 

- Practical tools and strategies to organise your thoughts 

- The use of Mind-mapping

- Adjust your perspective and understand your biases 

- Accepting information with an open mind

- Working with resistance - Don’t make it personal

- Find your personal persuasive style 

Bringing it all together 

- Doing the logic test - does this make sense?

- Develop a willingness to resolve - Admit when you realise you are wrong 

- Self-reflection and feedback

  • Bethan Winn Critical Thinking Facilitator, Consultant and Coach Bethan Winn - Critical Thinking



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Virtual / Streaming

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