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14th - 15th, October 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Practical, high impact leadership development for Defence EL1-2 and O-5, O-6 level professionals


- Develop authentic executive-level defence leadership
- Engrain rank and responsibility within your personal and professional brand
- Understand the complexities of stakeholder management within Defence
- Navigate the dynamics of uniformed and non-uniformed relationships


Martin Brooker

Martin is a veteran of 37 years service as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy. His extensive career included command at sea, and operational service in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Pacific. He retired from the Royal Australian Navy in March 2015 with the rank of Commodore.

Now Founder and Director of the Quench Group, Martin specialises in helping individuals and organisations realise their potential through personal and organisational change. He shares his real-life experiences from both leadership positions and leading culture change to explore the challenges of leadership and addressing what he believes to be key lessons for all leaders who want to be authentic.

Quench Group


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Defence EL1 & EL2 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

14 Oct - 15 Oct


Authentic executive-level defence leadership

- Expectations and values of an EL defence leader

- Understand your individual strengths and values as a leader

- Your personal and professional brand


Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- Optimise personal strengths to enhance emotional competence 

- Utilise heightened EQ in leading high performance teams

- Responses to stressful situations


High level communication, influence and negotiation

- Identify channels for internal and external communication 

- Design effective communication protocols for transparency and accountability

- Hone your communication skills in high performance teams 

Create a peak performance culture in your team 

- Explore different leadership styles and their effect on organisational culture

- Establish a healthy culture and build team capacity

- Develop your personal leadership conversation skills to add to high performance

  • Martin Brooker Founder Quench Group


Leading through complexity

- Building resilience in your team

- Responses to unexpected challenges

- Make crucial judgements under pressures


Complex stakeholder management and engagement

- Understand the complexities of stakeholder management within Defence 

- Navigate tribes and cultures – in Defence and across Government

- Engage and manage sensitive issues under pressure


Build team capability and accountability

- Build reliability and accountability in your team

- Engage constructively with diverse perspectives and competing interests

- Develop the strengths, capability and performance of your team


Implement a personal action plan 

- Being a defence leader

- Plan and commit to actions that will lead to future success 

- Identify your future leadership priorities

  • Martin Brooker Founder Quench Group


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