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12th - 13th, October 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Tools, strategies & essential skills for Defence APS5-6 & O-3, O-4 professionals


- Identify and develop your capabilities as a confident and successful defence leader
- Practical, autonomous and effective decision-making for high-pressure environments
- Develop strategies for complex internal and external stakeholder engagement
- Career planning and pathways for Defence APS roles


Kym Viant

Kym is an exceptional leader in all aspects of learning and development. He is passionate about helping leaders, managers and young professionals recognise and overcome obstacles in the way of them realising their full potential. Kym is an exceptional facilitator, with accreditations in Emotional & Social Competency Inventory, LSI/GSI, DiSC and Level 2 Organisational Coaching. Kym provided 24 years of outstanding service with the Royal Australia Navy, which included active service in hostile environments and key strategic roles that delivered mission-critical communications, recruitment, training and development, mentoring, engagement and change management.

Leadership Facilitator & Coach
Quench Group


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Defence APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

12 Oct - 13 Oct


Personal leadership values

- The capabilities and attributes of an effective Defence leader

- Identify your core values and goals as a leader

- Integrate your goals and values with your rank and responsibilities 


Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- EQ and your opportunity for growth

- Understand EQ and its impact on people and organisational climate 

- Leverage your EQ in the workplace


Decision making in high pressure environments 

- The value of experience, knowledge and judgement in decision making 

- Leading through complex issues - Making the ‘right’ decision when there isn't one 

- Manage emotions and thoughts that weaken decision-making


Communication, influence and negotiation

- Identify appropriate channels for internal and external communication 

- Design effective communication protocols for transparency and accountability

- Hone your unique communication skills to establish authority 

  • Kym Viant Leadership Facilitator & Coach Quench Group


Understand and develop team culture

- Explore different leadership styles and their effect on organisational culture

- Establish a healthy culture and build team capacity through coach and performance feedback

- Maintain team cohesion, activate engagement and build productive relationships 


Develop resilience to thrive in high pressure situations and environments

- Respond to constant uncertainty and ambiguity in the workplace 

- Identify and monitor changes that impact your work environment 

- Manage stress levels - Its impacts and how stress can help us perform at our best 


Stakeholder engagement and management 

- Understand the complexities of stakeholder management within Defence 

- Navigate tribes and cultures – in Defence and across Government

- Managing stakeholder relationships to achieve organisational goals


Create an action plan to excel your career as a Defence leader 

- Shape your authentic leadership brand 

- Develop confidence and trust your initiative and judgement

- Plan and commit to actions that will lead to success

  • Kym Viant Leadership Facilitator & Coach Quench Group


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