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27th - 28th, May 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Become a data-savvy leader for the information age


Louis Keating

Louis has worked as a Data Scientist, Data Strategist and Analytics Manager for several large data companies and marketing agencies in London and Sydney over 18 years. He has a passion for making complex data simple for everyone to understand and use.

Having worked with technical and non-technical clients across a range of industries, Louis is exceptional at bridging the gap of understanding between people and teams to ensure data and the outputs generated from data can be used and implemented in strategy by all those that are dependent and related to it.

Founder & Principal Consultant
White Box Analytics


- Explore the exciting possibilities of big data and machine learning
- Navigate the open data landscape and understand the implications for banking and finance
- Protect your business and customers with robust data security measures
- Master the essentials of data and business to become a data-savvy leader
- Differentiate between good data, bad data, and everything in between
- Enhance collaboration between your data and analytics function and the broader organisation
- Align your data capability with your strategic vision


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Data Literacy for Banking Leaders

27 May - 28 May

Data and business - the essentials

  • Understand the characteristics of robust data infrastructure
  • Explore the pros and cons of cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid models of data storage for your business needs
  • Optimise inter-departmental collaboration to boost the performance of your data and analytics function


Open data landscape - what does it mean for banking?

  • Understand the essential fundamentals of the Consumer Data Rights legislation (CDR)
  • Explore the business opportunities presented by open banking
  • Ensure compliance with your obligations as an Accredited Data Recipient


Data privacy essentials

  • Understand data security in the cloud and best practice to protect the data of your customers and your business
  • Meet your privacy obligations in a shifting regulatory environment
  • Explore the similarities and differences between the General Data Protection Regulation and Australian data privacy regulations to ensure the best security for your customers


Machine Learning and AI - sorting science-fact from science-fiction

  • Explore the exciting possibilities of big data and machine learning
  • Define the parameters for a machine learning project and identify essential collaborators 
  • Understand the interrelation of data, algorithms, and quality outcomes for customers and business

  • Louis Keating Founder & Principal Consultant White Box Analytics

Good data, bad data, and everything in between

  • Explore the business implications of ‘messy’ data
  • Understand the impact of data integrity on your role as a leader
  • Make informed, data-savvy decisions to boost productivity and growth


You and your data team

  • Deepen your understanding of the data and analytics function of your organisation
  • Talk the talk - master common data and analytics lingo to enhance inter-departmental communication
  • Discover how to engage your data and analytics function collaboratively in all areas of the business to improve productivity and profitability


Big picture data strategy

  • Mitigate the risks associated with unwieldy big data and multiple data sources
  • Scale your data ambitions to the size, capability, and strategic vision of your organisation
  • Understand the impact of data infrastructure development on the ecosystem of your business


Get your hands dirty

  • Put yourself in the driver’s seat and experiment with coding
  • Explore the power and pitfalls of data in practice
  • Gain first-hand insight into the high stakes of data integrity

  • Louis Keating Founder & Principal Consultant White Box Analytics


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Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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