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21st - 22nd, September 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Explore digital transformation & drive change as a key partner for business growth


- Discover how data is driving finance and accounting
- Establishing the structure of a modern finance team
- Automation(RPA), AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain
- Visual influencing & BI


Lance Rubin

Lance has a wealth of modelling experience across financial and professional services having worked at two of the Big 4 accounting, Investec Bank Corporate Finance & Advisory and National Australia Bank across both retail and wholesale banking divisions and products.

Lance started his own financial modelling consultancy firm following over 20 years of Corporate experience having moving most recently from NAB where he was a senior leader across Performance Management and Rates Validation which was responsible for daily pricing, rates and valuation used in the bank’s core banking systems across interest rate, foreign exchange and commodities.

Lance was previously members of both the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ), Member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) (2000-2009), Financial Modeling Fundamentals (Modano certified A+), Certified trainer for the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) focusing specifically on the Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) accreditation.

Most recently Lance was selected to be a judge of the world’s first Financial Modelling Innovation Awards and a speaker at the Financial Modelling Summit (to be held virtually)

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Model Citizn


Workshop Day One - FRAMEWORK & MINDSET
Data-Driven Finance & Accounting Workshop

21 Sep - 22 Sep


Foundations of Data-Driven Finance

- How data is driving finance and accounting in the digital age

- Establishing the structure of modern finance team

- The three pillars of the tech stack

- Innovation and process improvements


Centres of excellence and collaboration

- Skills required for finance evolution

- Growth mindset Vs Fixed mindset

- Rise of the finance business partner

- Rise of the virtual CFO


KPIs and measuring the right stuff

- Measuring and tracking value creation

- Planning, forecasting and budgeting with data

- Financial modelling with industry awareness and a clear focus

- Resolving challenges accessing robust data from multiple sources and ensuring proper integration


Modelling vs analytics

- Similarities and differences between financial modelling and analytics

- Technology and tools driving both and how these differ

- Key foundations of both and how they align around data and logic

- How to make and validate assumptions for effectiveness 

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn


Key tools of a data-driven finance team

- Automation(RPA), AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain

- Core Vs Edge Technology

- Excel is dead! Really?

- Spreadsheet issues and how to solve them


How to achieve efficiencies in modelling by automation

- The cornerstones of a flexible model, managing variable uncertainty

- Incorporate sensitivity analysis to mitigate risk and increase accuracy

- Common pitfalls of complex financial models and tools to overcome them


Visual influencing and BI

- Discover data insights and stories

- Visual influencing trends and how it's changing the way decisions are being made and stories told

- A robust structure for approaching data analytics and modelling visualisation 

- Tools and concepts for effective visualisations

Practical exercise - Effective presentation and influencing skills for better strategic decision making in a collaborative setting  

 Future of Data-Driven Finance

- Leadership facing challenges for the digital age

- Assessing current team capability

- Adaptive leadership and embracing change In uncertainty

- Taking action - What does it really take?

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn


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Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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