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June 29th, 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Create positive change in your organisation and community by proactively solving issues before they arise


- Deep dive into the holistic customer experience and how to maintain a customer-centric mindset
- Manage, de-escalate and resolve difficult situations and conflicts
- Expand your communication skills to increase engagement and rapport
- Build trusting relationships externally and see how this can reflect internally


Giles Watson

As Practice Support Manager at Queensland Law Society in Brisbane Giles introduced a client service component to the Society’s practice management course for practice principals – a first in Australia. Prior to that, at the Law Society of England & Wales he managed Lexcel, a client-service focused quality scheme that led to a 30% reduction in complaints against accredited law practices. As a speaker and facilitator, Giles is known for his engaging style and practical, relevant content.

CX Training


Customer Service & Conflict Resolution Essentials for Government
Customer Service & Conflict Resolution Essentials for Government

29 Jun


Introduction to customer experience

- Deep dive into customer service, customer experience, and why the difference matters

- Expand on customer needs, expectations, value and priorities

- Strategies for maintaining a customer-centric mindset

- Understand different customers, different approaches, including DiSC framework and profiling

Communication skills for customer service

- High level customer engagement and rapport strategies

- Skills for questioning and listening to demonstrate empathy

- Manage expectations

- Tools to enhance your assertiveness

Customer relationship management

- Deep dive into emotional intelligence for customer service

- Build customer trust and stronger relationships

- Avoid common causes of customer dissatisfaction

- Understand team-based behaviours for customer service

Handling conflict, complaints and difficult situations

- Manage your own emotions and mindset

- De-escalate conflict by meeting the emotional needs of others

- Conflict resolution strategies

- How to deliver disappointing news and deliver apologies

  • Giles Watson Director CX Training



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Virtual / Streaming

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