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21st - 22nd, April 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Lead through change & deliver healthcare excellence


Dr Kirsty Agar-Jacomb

Dr Kirsty Agar-Jacomb is a Consultant Clinical and Coaching Psychologist who believes in the relevance and value of clinical psychological knowledge and practices to workplace and organisational contexts. With 20 years of experience working in the mental health field in NGO, DHB, ACC and private sectors. In her clinical leadership roles, she has contributed to clinical governance, strategic planning, workforce development, and lead service development and improvement projects including a large model of care review. 

Clinical Psychologist & Consultant


- Identify & develop your leadership capabilities as a successful clinical leader
- Co-designing models of care in a complex world
- Utilise Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to enhance leadership performance
- Cultivate collaboration between clinical & non-clinical roles


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Clinical Leadership in Healthcare Workshop

21 Apr - 22 Apr

Leading as a clinician

- What it means to be a clinical leader

- The power of values-based leadership

- Adaptable and agile leadership to engage different people and situations

- Develop a systems thinking approach - The Triple Aim  


Harness the power of your brain - Neuro-leadership

- Prioritise workload to drive efficiency

- Energy management and peak performance

- The importance of interprofessional collaboration

- Getting things done


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for clinical leaders

- Why emotion belongs in the workplace

- Understand and develop your EQ to enhance leadership performance

- Harness EQ to make effective decisions under pressure

- Utilise EQ to motivate and influence your team


Delivering a quality healthcare in changing times

- Re-designing models of care to drive a patient-centred service

- Respond effectively to changing policies and patient needs

- Engage and influence stakeholders to co-design change

- Strategies for successful planning and implementation of change

  • Dr Kirsty Agar-Jacomb Clinical Psychologist & Consultant Breakglass

Enabling your team through transformation

- Understand staff needs during times of change

- Collaborate with your team to develop the most effective change strategies

- Build resilient teams to navigate the changing face of healthcare

- Cultivate a high-performance culture


Leading and communicating change effectively

- Effectively deal with resistance to change

- Engage more effectively through active listening

- Essential communication tactics to maximise team productivity and engagement

- Managing up and down - communicating with impact to different audiences


Leading in a diverse environment

- Incorporate multiple cultures into the healthcare environment

- Successfully lead a variety of groups and specialisations 

- Handle sensitive and complex matters with confidence

- Engage key team players to encourage onboarding of new staff


Collaboration between clinical and non-clinical roles

- Identify and understand different leadership expectations

- Realise and develop your expertise and influence during decision-making

- Cultivate collaborative conversations to tackle issues

- Foster stronger partnerships

  • Dr Kirsty Agar-Jacomb Clinical Psychologist & Consultant Breakglass


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Virtual / Streaming

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