Asset Management Summit

Discover the latest trends, best practice strategies and innovative solutions to enhance asset management performance

  • March 19th - 22nd, 2019
  • James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor Wellington


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Maximise asset management efficiency
Share expert knowledge & innovation
Boost technical capabilities
Enhance strategies & planning


David Gordon

David joined KiwiRail in 2007. He oversees the strategic capital projects and property portfolio and leads KiwiRail’s collaboration with government, agencies and local government on transport policy and investment issues. Previously, David held the roles of General Group Manager Asset Management and Investment, and General Manager Network Performance. Before joining KiwiRail, he worked as a consultant in the transport infrastructure business, was Planning and Development head for Wellington International Airport and a Senior Manager in the strategy consulting team of Ernst and Young.

Group General Manager, Investment, Planning and Risk

  • Tony McCartney
    Managing Director
  • Monique Fouwler
    National Portfolio Manager
    Housing New Zealand
  • Lisa Drysdale
    Team Leader, Asset Management, Integrated Catchment Management
    Waikato Regional Council
  • Daniel Jurgens
    Technical Director - Digital Engineering
    WSP Opus


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Download the brochure
Applying the business case approach to asset management
Stretching the asset management environment
Demographics and technology: What will happen and how to invest?
Are you meeting your customer needs?
Exploring the journey of BIM to Asset Management
Strategic asset management
Co-presentation: Christchurch International Airport's asset management journey
Supporting development and regeneration
A narrative on end of life assets
Differences between industry and local government asset management planning
Partnerships between public and private sectors
Optimize decision making to increase the resilience of assets
Managing assets through digital disruption
Influencing design and procurement for improved whole of life outcomes
Enhancing asset management towards efficiency and success
Optimise the return from your assets
Pre-Summit Workshop - 19 Mar


The business case approach has been applied to new initiatives for years, but only recently has it been applied to maintenance and operations. Learn how to apply this approach within your organisation and into your daily asset management practice to maximise organisational value.

Why should we apply the business case approach to asset management principles?

Adopt this approach to asset management

Reduce risk and maximise value 

Ensure early collaboration amongst stakeholders

What is the business case approach?

Best practice decision making

Programme management

Why this approach is best for your assets 

Application and implementation 

The 5 whys 

Guidance on the next steps 

Key frameworks and structures

Practical exercises in applying the BCA to your organisation’s assets

Scenario setting and understanding 

Adapt to your unique situation

Gain advice and tangible takeaways 

  • Chris Olsen Director Chris Olsen Consulting

Conference Day 1 - 20 Mar

Case Study

Explore how to influence and drive organisational outcomes on the back of sound asset management principals. Tony will touch on building the case for asset management as a core business tool.

  • Stretch a plan to include relevant initiatives
  • Gain buy from senior executives and board members
  • Relationship with innovation, risk and sustainability

  • Tony McCartney Managing Director Pracxus

Case Study

A demographic shock wave is heading for New Zealand. This will impact multiple forces in our economy, some driven by demographics and others driven by technology. The big question remains: who are the winners and losers of the future?  

  • Understand the changing landscape
  • Gain advice and practical insights
  • Consider your best practice strategies

  • Susanna Lee Director, Portfolio Manager Harbour Asset Management

Case Study

Being outcome-focused and understanding the needs of the customer are fundamental concepts for an asset manager. Monique will discuss her passion in ensuring outcomes are heard and met.

- Move with the needs of the customer

- Understand essential requirements

- Demand forecasting to achieve best results

  • Monique Fouwler National Portfolio Manager Housing New Zealand

Case Study

With new meta data standard legislation in play across New Zealand, is more important than ever to understand the bridging of design to construction journey. Daniel will share his insights in piloting the country's first project from BIM to Asset Management practices. 

- Reflect on leanings and advice 

- The journey from digitalism to construction 

- Importance of commitment and understanding 

  • Daniel Jurgens Technical Director - Digital Engineering WSP Opus

Case Study

The decision making behind strategic asset management is a crucial part of your job. The disruption involved in this process can be challenging, so understanding how to deal with this is key. Jonathan will explore his industry knowledge and how this translates to the bigger picture.

- Resilience in the planning process

- Components to managing retail assets

- Decision making and environmental factors

  • Jonathan Armstrong Investment Manager AMP Capital Shopping Centres

Case Study

Paul and Nick will co-present CIAL's asset management journey. They will offer insight into the challenges faced and give advice on how to drive maximal organisational value.

  • Gain insight into the journey
  • Learn from top experts
  • Explore best practice strategies

  • Paul Rogers Managing Director Spire Consulting

  • Nick Flack Manager, Asset Planning & Maintenance Christchurch International Airport Limited

Expert Commentary

Using asset practice to support redevelopment and regeneration is essential. Rex will share his vast knowledge and extensive experience to help guide your career journey.

- Redevelopment and regeneration

- Strategic decision making tools

- Drive organisational value

  • Rex Harland Executive Advisor, Asset Management GHD

Conference Day 2 - 21 Mar

Case Study

Dealing with end of life assets when there is limited replacement certainty is a challenge many asset professionals will face. David will share his experience and offer his advice on dealing with the associated risks and capital choices.

- Consider and assess risk

- Determine end of life assets

- Reflection on challenges and decision making

  • David Gordon Group General Manager, Investment, Planning and Risk KiwiRail

Case Study

Strategic planning should go beyond compliance and be made suitable for the wider team. Lisa will address her seasoned career and the importance of aligning changes that are dependent on wider needs.

  • The importance of aligning planning with the wider team
  • Strategies for planning and compliance
  • Wider integration

  • Lisa Drysdale Team Leader, Asset Management, Integrated Catchment Management Waikato Regional Council


Explore the fundamental drivers behind asset management principles across both public and private sectors in this interactive session. No matter what sector you work in, this session will uncover the secrets of boosting organisational value.

- Share stories of success

- Overlap and drivers of asset management principles

- Consider main differences and challenges

  • Andre Fredericks Senior Asset Management Planner Pānuku Development Auckland

  • Ray Hardy General Manager, Asset Management Wellington Electricity

  • Kirill Voronchev Executive Advisor, Asset Management GHD

  • David Walker arket Development Leader – New Zealand GHD New Zealand

Case Study

A solid knowledge of decision-making strategies and an understanding of how these strategies inform the resilience of assets is a key asset management skill. Matt will teach you how to develop this skill and boost your asset resilience.

- Components of growth and decline

- Informing the correct decisions

- Resilience factors

  • Matt Russell GM, Services and Assets Southland District Council

Case Study

Recognising the impact of technology and strategic planning will ease transformation in times of change. Paul will explore decision making around maintenance and competing with other platforms.

- Managing assets in times of digital evolution

- Take the next step

- Strategic planning and development

  • Paul Tanday National Director Property and Asset Management JLL

Case Study

Learn strategies for making your case for involvement in acquisition and design decision making. Ian has vast experience, from a multi-million Euro aerospace project through to the development of modern facilities and will share his knowledge and expertise.

- gaining involvement in acquisition

- design decision making

- maximize benefits and life outcomes

  • Ian Jackson Director Strategic Asset Management, former Principal of Asset Services for Beca Zuuse


This interactive round table is an opportunity to reflect on the ideas, strategies and tools discussed over the last two days. It is an opportunity to grasp your newfound knowledge, refine your asset management skills and drive organisational value. 

• Reflect and explore on learning

• Refine your asset management skills

• Identify best practice strategies to optimise value

  • Chris Olsen Director Chris Olsen Consulting

Post-Summit Workshop - 22 Mar


Sharpening your asset management skills and ensuring best practice will continue to drive internal value, as well as to the infrastructure funding community. Enhancing communication skills, understanding the changing landscape for asset management and becoming an expert in the growing legislation are some of the key areas to thrive as an asset manager.


Getting the fundamentals right

  • Assets’ component performance
  • Understanding asset network trends and performance
  • Pricing principles
  • Getting depreciation right
  • Adopting business case principles
  • Optimal value and doing the right things first to achieve it


Communicating complex outcomes

  • Making sure your team are on the same page
  • Understanding your clients
  • Building your advocate base
  • Pitching at the right level - the things decision-makers and the public need to know


Gaining buy in from a wider audience

  • Ensuring governance supports you
  • Ensuring stakeholders and executives understand the value
  • Maintaining public credibility
  • Understanding your community
  • Driving organisation excellence


Ensuring long-term performance

  • Keeping abreast with innovations and developments across New Zealand
  • The key elements for developing the right long-term strategies
  • The sophisticated tools that help understanding


Developing in a dynamic field

  • Developing a strategic vision for asset management and the role of leadership
  • Establishing a culture for excellence
  • Setting best practice standards
  • Managing risk

  • David Fraser Director AMSAAM


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