Asset Management Maturity & Evaluation Workshop

Tools & frameworks to drive AM maturity & evaluate asset investments

  • October 16th - 17th, 2019
  • Cliftons Melbourne


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- Develop a comprehensive AM maturity & evaluation strategy
- Developing & prioritising an improvement plan
- Identify your organisation’s service needs & standards
- Evaluate performance, the effectiveness of established standards & benchmarks


Russell Smith

Russell is a civil engineer with over 40 years' experience spanning auditing, planning, design, construction and operations of infrastructure assets, as well as consulting to the utility sector on asset management issues. He has completed numerous auditing and asset management commissions focused on improving the management of infrastructure to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.

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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Asset Management Maturity & Evaluation Workshop

16 Oct - 17 Oct


Introduction of workshop topics, establishing attendee needs and outcomes

- Developing a comprehensive AM maturity and evaluation strategy

- Types of evidence agencies should gather to support their assessment

- What supports asset management – tools, data, processes

- Understanding your stakeholders and their expectations

Establish and advance levels of service in your organisation

- Identify your organisation’s service needs and standards

- Support service delivery by providing the right assets

- Measuring levels of service performance delivered by assets

- Right time, right place - the importance of contextual factors

- Enhance service potential through improved management of existing asset base

Forecast demand for asset services

- Being responsive to foreseen and unforeseen changes in demand or use

- Consider use of non-asset service delivery alternatives to minimise demand for new assets 

- Consider all means of service delivery available, and plan for the long term

Develop and maintain a useful asset register

- Asset register development, level of detail required and maintenance strategies

- Effectively forward planning capital renewals

- Using the asset register and valuation smartly

- Work management and asset maintenance history

  • Russell Smith Director Impactimc Pty Ltd


Meaningful risk assessment

- Identify, monitor and manage asset-related risks to effectively deliver services

- Condition assessments, valuation, forward renewal planning

- Monitor and evaluate asset performance throughout its life cycle

- Using assessment results to drive improvement

Capital decision making with a whole-of-life approach

- Maximise value for money by accounting for full costs (including embedded option value) of acquiring, holding, using and disposing of assets throughout their life-cycles

- Adopt a whole-of-life approach to planning asset investment and management decisions 

- Embedding capital asset management as a business and usual process

- Effectively prioritising capital works

Optimising Asset Management information systems

- Fixing breaks in the data flow from asset to the books

- Accounting register, procurement systems and work order systems

- Tools for measuring and reporting organisational and asset performance

Using effective evaluation to develop an improvement plan

- Getting organisational buy-in

- How to write an asset management plan

- How to use an asset management plan

- Dealing with wish lists and political/stakeholder pressure  

  • Russell Smith Director Impactimc Pty Ltd


Cliftons Melbourne

Level 1, 440 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia

+61 3 9993 9999

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