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March 29th, 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Enhancing value-for-money through effective Government procurement and contract management


- Know your obligations under the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework
- Specify your business needs and establish the criteria required to meet them
- Negotiate from a position of strength – not just splitting the difference
- Enhance the value-for-money use of your limited budget allocation


Kevin Riley

Kevin brings thirty years of public administration experience in finance and budget management, procurement and contract management to his facilitation of this program. Through his experience working with the Commonwealth Departments of Finance, Treasury, Defence, Environment, Infrastructure, Regional Development, Transport and Communications, Health and Treasury and Finance Departments in most States of Australia, Kevin will bring relevant and practical approaches to procurement and contract management within a public sector and Commonwealth context.

Managing Director
Capital Training College


APS Contract Management Workshop
APS Contract Management Workshop

29 Mar


Aligning your skills with the demands of your organisation

- Apply the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework to your procurement and contract management

- Determine required business needs and explore alternative options for achieving them

- Establish criteria for evaluating the ability of suppliers to meet the required business needs

- Develop a business case for undertaking your procurement activity, including the identification and assessment of relevant procurement risks

Enhancing value-for-money procurements

- Comply with relevant Commonwealth Procurement Rules and AusTender requirements, including the determination of your expectations about value-for-money

- Document the evaluation of responses to your procurement activities

- Determine a negotiation strategy that will enhance the achievement of value for money

Managing contracts that deliver on time and on budget

- Confirm the deliverables and timeframes to be set out in contractual arrangements

- Assess and overcome contract management risks

- Developing your compliance with the efficient, effective, economical and ethical use and management of public resources

Managing a contract once it has been completed

- Report on management activities to achieve successful contract management

- Contribute to the successful handover of contract management responsibilities

- Practical relationship management tools

  • Kevin Riley Managing Director Capital Training College



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Virtual / Streaming

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