5th APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Conference

Explore the tools, techniques and practical frameworks to supercharge your career and position yourself for leadership success

  • May 20th - 24th, 2019
  • Hyatt Hotel, Canberra


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- Strategies for career progression
- Uncover and leverage your leadership style
- Refine your strategic communication skills
- Create and deliver value to key stakeholders


Kate Buggy

Commander Buggy was recognised for her leadership in developing the doctrine and philosophy of the portfolio and was awarded a Commissioners Commendation for Conspicuous Conduct as well as the ACTP Chief Police Officers Neighbourhood Watch inaugural award. In 2010, Commander Buggy moved back to Protection where she was recognised for her management skills and leadership in this role and in 2013 was awarded a National Australia Day Achievement Medallion. Kate completed her Master of Arts, Strategic Studies in 2015 at College for Defence and Strategic Studies at the completion she was promoted to Commander

National Manager Taskforce Integrity and Fraud Investigations
Department of Human Services

  • Sara Goldsworthy
    Assistant Director-General
    Office of National Intelligence
  • Martin Rocks
    Director, Indigenous Health
    Department of Health
  • Marisa Oberdorf
    Director, Change Management
    IP Australia
  • Jason Borton
    Executive Branch Manager
    ACT Education Directorate


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Download the brochure
Communication skills and change leadership for the Public Sector
The leap to leadership
Goal setting - Unlock your future
Become the master of your future
Manage organisational change
Mini-workshop - The language of leadership
Build influence as a new leader
Mentoring for career success
Implement successful feedback habits at work
Be the captain of your own ship
Pathways to career progression
Leverage your strengths
Managing up - Effective communication
Foster workplace innovation and creativity
Mini-workshop: Think productively and master time management
Transition from APS to EL
A holistic approach to wellbeing
Pathways for cultural change and transformation
Your leadership future - Directions for APS 5-6
APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Workshop - Day 1
APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Workshop - Day 2
Pre-Summit Workshop -


Communication, influence and negotiation skills

- Manage emotions for positive and assertive communication

- Develop techniques for persuasion, negotiation and influence

- Confidently manage difficult conversations

Transformational leadership strategies to accelerate team performance

- Leverage team dynamics to enhance performance

- Challenge, support and empower others

- Manage uncooperative staff members

Drive change and innovation as a leader

- Recognise and overcome hurdles to change

- Trust your intuition and step outside your comfort zone

- Embed a positive change culture in your organisation

Action planning for leadership

- Develop a personalised approach: short and long-term

- Understand the challenges

- Share approaches for moving your career forward

Conference Day 1 -

Case Study

Leadership isn't a position - it's a journey. Being accountable for your career is the first step to building a successful leadership profile.

- Be accountable and proactive

- Seize opportunities for growth

- Reflect and plan for the future

  • Sara Goldsworthy Assistant Director-General Office of National Intelligence

Break-Out Session

Reignite your passions and develop your vision for the future. 

Case Study

Your career plan should be ambitious, adaptable and achievable. In this session, you will discover strategies for developing an effective career growth strategy.

- Develop a career plan

- Show initiative and add value

- Create opportunities for success

  • Todd Lovell Manager, Data Bureau of Meteorology

Case Study

Learning how to effectively manage change in your organisation is essential to your success. By combining the processes, tools and techniques to manage change, you can achieve your goals and help others traverse disruption.

 - Identify change and align it with your organisation's vision

 - Understand the impact of change and those affected

 - Develop a clear communication plan and support structure

  • Marisa Oberdorf Director, Change Management IP Australia


This interactive session will provide you with a deeper understanding of the communication process. You will learn to develop methods to overcome communication barriers and build influence.

- Understand the communication process 

- Identify and develop methods to break down communication barriers

- Gain commitment and loyalty by influencing others


Whether you’re managing a team or leading a country, making a transition into a leadership role can be daunting. To be truly effective as a new leader, you must master the ability to influence others, compromise and collaborate with your team and use feedback as an opportunity for professional and personal development.

- Gain buy-in from the top down

- Effectively compromise and collaborate

- Leverage feedback for improvement

  • Martin Rocks Director, Indigenous Health Department of Health

  • Rosemary Hopkins Assistant Director, Community Partners National Disability Insurance Scheme

  • Emma Fitch Acting Assistant Director, Water Regulation Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

  • Martin Rowe Director, Client Services Centre Department of Social Services

  • Linda Evenhuis Sales Manager Enterprise Key Accounts Australia Post

Case Study

Mentoring can be rewarding, both personally and professionally. It provides an opportunity to develop your communication skills, expand your viewpoints, and consider new ways of approaching situations. Mentors are a source of motivation and inspiration and can push you to unleash your true potential.

- Gain valuable insight for career progression

- Set career goals and establish your direction

- Foster personal and professional growth

  • Andrew Kell Air Operations Manager Royal Australian Air Force

Case Study

Powerful feedback can inspire and uplift your employees to go above and beyond. For managers, feedback is an essential tool for shaping behaviours and promoting learning in your organisation.

- Nurture a growth mindset

- Power your team with feedback tools

- Turn feedback into positive habits

  • Jason Borton Executive Branch Manager ACT Education Directorate

Expert Commentary

Aspiring leaders in the public sector must take their careers into their own hands. In this session, Martin will draw upon his experiences leading others in harm's way through his leadership story.

- Learn from your mistakes

- Create the best environment

- Communicate with authority

Conference Day 2 -

Case Study

Whether you want to progress in your career or go down a different route, it can be tough dictating your journey. Explore how to build your expertise, identify opportunities and leverage your abilities.

- Grow your talent

- Identify and leverage opportunities

- What does progression look like to you?

  • Kate Buggy National Manager Taskforce Integrity and Fraud Investigations Department of Human Services

Break-Out Session

Learn to identify your unique strengths, leverage them in your role and seize professional opportunities.

Case Study

Learning to present information or ideas in a way that resonates with your boss can mean the difference between success and failure. Learn to align yourself with your organisation's values and adapt your communication style to seize opportunities when they present themselves.

- Align yourself with your organisation’s values

- Adapt your communication style to influence upwards

- Use initiative to capitalise on opportunities

  • Simon Paton Assistant Director, Public Advice and Guidance Editorial and Skilling Unit Australian Taxation Office

Case Study

In most organisations, leaders are expected to think creatively and provide innovative solutions to work-based problems. However, when you harness the abilities of your team, you create an even stronger selection of creative solutions.

- Develop strategies to communicate new ideas

- Solve problems by encouraging creativity

- Encourage ownership and employee engagement

  • Alicia Lillington EL1 Senior Communications Advisor Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Reflect on your current position and discover the tips, tools and practical frameworks to effectively manage your time, achieve the optimal work-life balance and avoid burn-out in your career.

- Strategies to manage stress

- Achieve an optimal work-life balance

- Avoid burnout through prioritisation


This interactive panel will bring together established leaders in the APS to share experiences transitioning from APS to EL. Discover skills and strategies to gain mentorship and position yourself for progression.

- Make the transition from APS 6 to EL 1

- Explore the benefits of mentors and coaches

- Position yourself for career advancement

  • Andrew Kell Air Operations Manager Royal Australian Air Force

  • Alicia Lillington EL1 Senior Communications Advisor Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Mark Weaver Manager, Growth Centre Policy Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

  • Emmi Mikedakis Senior Stakeholder Manager Geoscience Australia

Case Study

In this session, Alexandra will share CSIRO's approach to wellbeing and introduce you to some of the practical frameworks to help employees build resilience and manage stress.

- An introduction to CSIRO's approach to workplace wellbeing

- Develop strategies to build resilience to stress at work

- Discover practical takeaways to instil wellbeing and resilience in your organisation

  • Alex Allars Executive Manager, Wellbeing & Safety Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Case Study

Transforming your organisation's culture starts with shifting the values embedded in structures, policies and incentives. Explore how to create and facilitate cultural change in your organisation by including your employees in the process.

- Understand your existing culture

- Create a vision for cultural change

- Involve your employees in the process

  • Judi Childs Director, Public Sector Management Group Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate


In this interactive closing session, you will reflect on the key takeaways from the past two days, identify areas for professional development and develop an action plan for your future.

- Reflect on key learnings

- Identify areas for professional development

- Use your strengths to develop an action plan for your career

Post-Summit Workshop -


Personal leadership values

-   The capabilities, attributes and skills of an effective leader

-   Identify your core values and goals

-   Advocate your value as a leader 

-   Shape your leadership brand

Lead and manage productive teams

-   Maintain team cohesion and build productive relationships 

-   Understand the differences between technical management and people leadership

-   Leverage your leadership skills to better motivate and engage your team

-   Build team capacity through coach and performance feedback

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

-   Evaluate your EQ level and identify opportunities for further growth and leadership development

-   Understand your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader 

-   Leverage your EQ in the workplace

-  Embrace qualities of empathy and understand to become a better leader 

Effective and practical decision making

-   Make autonomous and independent decisions 

-   Draw on your experience, knowledge and judgement to make better decisions

-   Deal with complex issues - making the ‘right’ decision

  • Martin Brooker Founder Quench Group


Successful change and strategic management

-   Setting achievable, manageable and measurable goals 

-   Problem identification and problem-solving strategies 

-   Supporting and influencing stakeholders through change 

-  Leadership styles that drive effective transformation and change 

Developing resilience to thrive in times of change

-   Effectively managing change and uncertainty in the workplace

-   Identifying and monitoring changes that impact your work environment

-   Supporting your team, organisation and stakeholders through change

-   Implementing policies and procedures that reflect and embrace change

Stakeholder engagement and management

-   Managing stakeholder relationships to achieve agency goals

-   Identifying and meeting stakeholder needs and expectations

-   Developing effective relationships with stakeholders

-   Maintaining strong internal and external networks

Key approaches for APS leaders to develop confidence in their capabilities

-   Being an authentic leader and communicator

-   Trusting your initiative and judgement

-   Planning and committing to actions that will lead to success

-   Embracing resilience and flexibility as key leadership skills

  • Martin Brooker Founder Quench Group


Hyatt Hotel, Canberra

120 Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra, ACT, 2600, Australia

+61 2 6270 1234

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